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The Fab Five: Blue Nail Polish

From Left to Right
Essie's "Mesmerize" $5.37
China Glaze's "For Audrey" $5.49
Revlon's "Fashionista" $4.79
China Glaze's "Shower Together" $4.50
Essie's "Rock the Boat" $8.50

Blue has always been my go to nail color. I've gotten away from it lately as I branch out into different color realms, but I always love to return to a good ol' blue nail. Essie's "Mesmerize" is the epitome of what I think of when I hear the word blue. It's dark, but not dark like a navy. The polish is a solid matte and what you see is what you get. China Glaze's "For Audrey" was my first ever polish love. I wore this baby to death. It's nearly impossible to photograph these days as there's a pretty prominent line on the middle of the bottle showing just how much polish I've used. This is "Tiffany blue" through and through. It's exact and I've never been able to find a color that gets as close to Tiffany blue as this one done. Revlon's "Fashionista" is my token navy blue polish. It's the darkest I go in the blue sphere because past this I feel like we're just doing different shades of black with hints of blue. China Glaze's "Shower Together" is a favorite of mine in the summer. It's a pretty pool blue matte shade that doesn't involve much fussing over. Finally Essie's "Rock the Boat" is a soft pastel blue with little micro-glitter flecks in it. This is one of my favorite winter polishes because it makes me feel like I'm one with the snow!

What are your favorite blue nail polishes?

xoxo Kayla


The Eye Lineup

Dark under-eye circles are my nemesis. Ever since I started getting into makeup I've been trying to find a routine to help conceal those pesky circles. I still don't think I've perfected my routine, but I thought I would share what I've been doing lately. Every morning I start by applying Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff under my eyes and let it sink in for about ten minutes. I then follow it up with my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in “Vanilla” I use very little of this and blend it out with my ring finger lightly with soft pats. If the circles are really bad and the concealer isn't doing the job completely, I'll put the Bobbi Brown Corrector in "Light Bisque" on top of it to create a more natural look while getting more coverage. In the evenings after I remove my makeup and wash my face, I use the Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream. I'm still looking for eye creams or treatments that focus more on dark circles rather than puffiness, but I'm really happy with the results this routine has been having.

What is your routine to combat dark circles?

xoxo Kayla 

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Microscope Beauty is on a Cruise!

For the holidays this year my family and I are off on a Caribbean cruise! I haven't been on a cruise since 2003 (where these photos were taken) and I couldn't be more excited. Don't fret, I've been hard at work writing and scheduling posts for when we are away so the constant content will keep on coming.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

xoxo Kayla  
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Sunday Stuff #3

This dry skin business is for the birds. It's all hands on deck this Sunday to keep the dryness at bay and the moisture coming. I still am starting off with the Invisible Pores Detox Mask to make sure my pores a free of any gunk or grime before I pack moisture into them. Next is my Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins, a not-so-pleasant smelling night cream to help enrich my skin with minerals and make it healthier. The big player though is my Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight MaskThis stuff brings the moisture. It's a fairly thick cream that takes a while to settle into your skin, but has some seriously moisturizing results. 

What products do you use to combat dryness?

xoxo Kayla

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Living Proof The Full Collection Set

Living Proof the Full Collection Set $10 (Black Friday deal)

This post is a bit late to the game, but it got lost in my draft posts for a while. I still wanted to share though because although the deal isn't happening anymore, the products are worth talking about. Sephora had a $10 Black Friday deal on this Living Proof Full Collection Set. I've used the Prime Style Extender a bit before as a small sample packet and was considering purchasing the full size of it when I saw this kit was going to be offered. The Prime Style Extender does a great job maintaining any look I'm going for, but also does wonders at keeping my usual straight-hair look soft and without frizz. I have yet to use the thickening cream, but I have given the shampoo and conditioner a few uses and enjoy the way they smell. I found that they were a bit drying though, which isn't a problem for someone with oily hair like me, but could cause problems for others. I have seen a slight different in the volume of my hair, but I don't think I can contribute it to the shampoo and conditioner completely as I do use other volumizing products in my routine. 

Have you tried any Living Proof products before?

xoxo Kayla
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First Impressions: Sample Society's December Box

Sample Society December Box $15

I'm here with a new subscription box! I did a lot of research into other subscription services to add to the Ipsy subscription I already have, and decided to give Sample Society by Beauty Bar a shot. I was incredibly excited to open the box, but was a little let down when I saw the contents. I think this is just one of those cases where expectations and reality don't meet up. Maybe it's the large size of the box compared to the small samples that's giving me a lackluster feeling towards it? I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm going to give all the products an honest shot regardless. I think I'm most excited to try out the Jane Iredale Lash Conditioner and the Philosophy Night Moisturizer. The lash conditioner has me intrigued to see if it can work. The Dermalogica Daily Moicrofoliant also had my curiosity spiked because it's a powder that you turn into a paste with water before using. 

What are your thoughts on the Sample Society December box?

xoxo Kayla
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Haul: The Body Shop

The Body Shop sucked me in again! In an effort to fight against all this dry skin in my life lately I went on a hunt for moisturizing lotions for my hands. I've heard great things about the Hemp Hand Protector so it was the first thing I turned to. The Almond Hand & Nail Butter magically fell into my cart (that crafty bugger) upon checkout and I'm hopeful that it can help my cuticles not be so brittle. Plus I have this weird obsession with almond. I've used the Hemp Hand Protector a few times and I have noticed a huge increase in moisture for my poor little hands. The smell is definitely unique and took me a bit to get used to. It's unique anything I've smelled before and you know how I am about smells (I'm weird). 

What products do you use to combat dry hands and cuticles?

xoxo Kayla



First Impressions: December Ipsy Glam Bag

The December Ipsy Glam Bag has me all sorts of excited. It's downright wonderful; full of products I'll actually use and almost guaranteed will like. The Mirabella Eye Blender Brush alone has me doing back flips of excitement and puts this bag in the top spot for favorite bag of all time. Plus the brush retails for $27 so it already pays for the bag and much more. The One Stick by Be a Bombshell had me a bit confused as to it's usage, but after checking it out on the ipsy site it's apparently for usage on the eyes, cheeks, or lips. I definitely won't be applying this bright red monster to my eyes or cheeks, but I'll consider it for lips. The nail polish also has me excited because it seems as if Ipsy knows which shades of polish are absent from my collection. The eye shadow trio are the perfect neutral shades and the lipstick also seems really promising. It's about time Ipsy released a ringer of a bag!

What are your thoughts on the December bag?

xoxo Kayla
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Review: November Ipsy Glam Bag

Em Michelle Phan Pillow Plush Cushiony Lip Balm in "Lollipop"
I've never been a fan of colored lip balms, and this one definitely does  not change that opinion. It's a bit sticky, and I find the color weird on my lips. The packaging is really adorable though, but that's no reason to keep a product around. I'll be giving this away to a friend if anyone wants to take it.

Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in "Shameless"
My favorite item of the entire bag, this lip crayon is the best raspberry shade I've ever seen. It's a bit drying on the lips, but it's nothing to difficult to deal with. It lasts a really long time and has a matte affect that I like to go for every now and again. Love this!

Naltini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in "Caviar Cocktail"
At first I was really unsure of this metallic silver polish, but after the first swipe on the nail I knew I had judged this polish too quickly. It has a really unique look and is unlike all the other polishes I own. I would have never thought to purchase something like this myself so I'm excited to have it in my collection.

Pixi Beauty Bronzer in "Subtly Suntouched"
Another product that I wasn't too sure about but ending up surprising me in the end. This bronzer is incredibly subtle and easy to apply for bronzer failures like myself. It's subtle enough to wear in the winter and blends in nicely.

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in "Topaz"
If I see another Starlooks product I may very well cancel my subscription right then and there. I'm tired of these sub-par eyeliners or lip liners. Give me another brand or avoid this category all together because Starlooks is definitely not a quality brand for liners. "Topaz" is also a shade I would never consider wearing unless I specifically created a look around it, and to me that's just too much work.

Cailyn Built-In Sponge Tip Mineral Eye Shadow in "Champagne"
Although I'm also really tired of seeing Cailyn and their weird, annoying packaging, this product actually was pretty nice in the end. It was incredibly pigmented and the sponge tip applicator did a great job reducing fall-out and getting product on the lids. The shade is a beautiful light gold color and overall is very easy to wear. My biggest complaint is the frustrating packaging that makes it impossible for the shadow to easily fit in with the rest of my eye products.

Overall this bag definitely had it's ups and downs. Some months Ipsy just fumbles the ball and brings only a few somewhat good products while the rest feel like a waste of time. 

What are your thoughts on the November Glam Bag?

xoxo Kayla
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This Week's Most Loved #8

I returned to a lot of old favorites this week and now remember why I love them so much. If you've been watching my YouTube channel for a while then you'll remember the couple of months when I couldn't stop talking about the Mirabella Colour Sheers Lipstick in "Daydream". MAC lipsticks have distracted me for a while, but this amazing creation has returned to my side and I couldn't be happier. It's the creamiest, most hydrating lipstick I've ever worn and the shade is just so wearable. It's also easy to apply without a mirror which is a huge plus in my book. Another classic is The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter. I've had incredibly dry skin all over lately and this hydrating thick gem has helped save the day. Plus it smells amazing. Finally, I have three different shades of the Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner and I have to say it may very well be my favorite eye liner to use. It's great for tight lining and the lower lash line. I never have to worry about sharpening anything, and it lasts a really long time.

What were your favorite products this week?

xoxo Kayla


My Haircare Routine

After going on about my love affair with my Dove Hair Therapy Volume Dry Shampoo the other day I thought I would share with you my usual hair care and hair styling routine. Of course I don't do this every day as sometimes I'm lucky to get out of bed and to class on time, let alone paying any attention to my hair. Once I hop out of the shower and let my hair dry in a towel for a bit, I brush it out and lightly spray in the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray. I don't necessarily know if it's doing any actual protecting, but I'm taking its word for it and I can see more shine to my hair after use. To the ends of my hair I apply TRESemmé Split Remedy Leave-In Split End Treatment once or twice a week. When my hair was a lot longer I would do this step daily, but I've been keeping a better eye on my ends since the big hair cut a few months ago. I still like to use it every once in a while to keep my ends in check. It doesn't do wonders, but it helps keep any fly-aways or noticeable split ends to a minimum. Then I blow dry!

Once the hair is dry I use my Organix Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Root Boost Spray to the roots of my hair and gussy it up a bit for some added volume. It may seem redundant to follow that up with the Dove Hair Therapy Volume Dry Shampoo, but I've noticed a huge difference in the grease levels of my hair at the end of the day using the dry shampoo. The root boost spray can be a bit greasy so I like to counteract it while adding even more volume. For someone with hair like me, the more volume the merrier.  Plus the dry shampoo smells amazing and I like having that follow me around! I run through my hair with a brush one more time and that's that!

What's your hair care and hair styling routines?  

xoxo Kayla

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Haul: REN Skincare

Man was I naughty with this one, but I've been stalking REN's website for months waiting for a deal to jump on. I can't exactly remember what the deal ended up being when it came out around Black Friday, but I had ordered my wishlist within moments of getting the email. Here's a bit of a story before getting into the products. I eagerly awaited my package and when it finally got here, the delivery man delivered it to my apartment's office. Meaning I had to wait until the morning to get it from them. Oddly enough in my mailbox was a hand-addressed package with two large REN samples inside and no note. The return address was to REN and I was incredibly confused. I just assumed they had forgotten to include the samples I chose in the package. When I got the package the next morning, there were two more smaller samples inside it! I'm not sure if this is common practice or a happy accident, but I'm even happier than I knew I would be!

So on to the products. The product that started this whole crazy obsession with getting REN products was the Invisible Pores Detox Mask. I saw this time and time again in the beauty blogging world and I had to have it. Plus I thought it could also really help my boyfriend Alex and his really large pores that just can't seem to stay free of dirt. I can't wait to slather this stuff on my face tonight and bask in the fact that I actually own it now.

I've been fascinated by cleansing milks since I first started getting more into skin care earlier in the year. I heard (of course) great things about REN's Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk and just had to give it a go. I'm eager to see what it's like and I'll definitely be reporting back to you!

The last product I purchased I think was to more or less meet the requirement for the deal, but I still had my eye on it regardless for a potential future purchase. Wanting to branch out from my Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish (which I still completely love), I opted for the Rose Centifolia Foaming Cleanser partially because of the rose factor and mostly because the foaming aspect intrigued me. One thing about the Body Shop cleanser that frustrates me is that it doesn't lather all that well. I'm curious to see how this one works!

The samples have me incredibly excited too. I really wanted to try the F10 Smooth and Renew Mask and with the two samples I received I have about half the ml of the original product without having to pay the $37. Needless to say, I'm just excited. REN has finally entered my life and I find myself wanting to wash my face way before bedtime!

What is your favorite REN product?

There's still time to enter my Holiday Giveaway! It ends on December 25, 2013!

xoxo Kayla


One Dry Shampoo to Rule Them All

It's love ladies and gentlemen. I can never be apart from this wonderfully amazing masterpiece of volumizing perfection. As you've all heard time and time again, my hair is a flat, fine mess which has me constantly at my wits end trying to figure out how to give it some body. I've tried a few dry shampoos before, but I tended to stick with the general volumizing gels and sprays. Nothing really did the trick until I read on a beauty blog that you can use dry shampoo after you blow dry your clean hair to give it some texture and volume. I could never see even a slight difference until I picked up the Dove Hair Therapy Volume Dry Shampoo. Now I can noticeably tell a difference and it feels like volume for days. Plus my hair doesn't feel gross. The best part? It's cheap. Who knew I could find an amazing hair product for less than $5? Good thing too, I use this daily and will be needing a new one soon.

Have you tried this dry shampoo yet??

There's still time to enter my Holiday Giveaway! It ends on December 25, 2013!

xoxo Kayla

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Haul: Origins

Origins sucked me in once more with their Black Friday deals! I picked up a couple items I had been eyeing but hesitating to buy because of their price tags and my fruitless efforts to stay true to my no beauty buy. The deals were enticing enough that I got my hands on the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores which I am still the most excited about. The fact that it's a dark color intrigues me so much! I've used the product once already and I really liked the way it felt on my face. It was thinner than I expected, and left my skin a bit dry, but not tight. Nothing that a little moisturizer didn't cure. My skin felt a lot cleaner and I'm excited to see what happens when I use this more.

I found myself adding the United State Balancing Tonic to my cart before checking out. I've been wanting to pick up a different brand of toner besides my Body Shop one to mix things up for my skin. I hate using just one brand of something for too long because I honestly believe my skin becomes immune to it or adjusts to it so it becomes useless. It's good to switch things up as long as you're careful about it and don't shock your skin too much with changes. I love what this product boasts to be able to do, even out and balance all the different skin types on my face to a nice even canvas. I have issues with dry, sensitive cheeks that get a bit blotchy, so this seems like a really interesting product to try out. I'll let you know my thoughts after some use.

I chose the Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion  as my sample because I am still on the hunt for a gentle, yet effective exfoliator. The Body Shop one I have is just a little too harsh on my sensitive cheeks so I'm eager to see if the Origins one is a bit gentler. I wasn't up to paying $39.50 just to see, so I'm happy to get a sample of this!

Have you picked up any new skin care items lately? Are there any Origins products you're interested in trying?

There's still time to enter my Holiday Giveaway! It ends on December 25, 2013!

xoxo Kayla
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Holiday Giveaway

The first ever giveaway on my blog is here! I wanted to share some love this holiday season by giving away two prizes for my lovely readers. I have such a small little following, so each and every one of you mean the world to me, so I wanted to give thanks and give back! 

Here are the prizes!

Set 1: 
Tarte "Little Miracles" Kit including Deluxe Pure Maracuja Oil, Deluxe Smooth Operator: Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder, and Delux Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara
Maybelline One By One Volum' Express Mascara in "Very Black"
Sugar Petal Tinted Lip Treatment Sample

Set 2: 
Stila Artful Eye Collector's Edition Vol. I
Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara in "Very Black"
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Sample

Here are the rules!

1. The giveaway is open until December 25th
2. If you are under 18 make sure you have parental consent!
3. This is not an international giveaway. USA only. Sorry guys : ( I have plans in the works for an international one when I hit my goal of 100 followers on bloglovin though!
4. Don't spam the comments please!

xoxo Kayla


This Week's Most Loved #7

There haven't been too many new loved products this week, and I didn't want to bore you with repeating one from the last few weeks. I have gotten into a good routine with products lately, but these two found their way into it this week. I recently reviewed the Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational in "Mauve Mystique" and have been using it quite frequently this week. It's a really wearable color that lasts longer than I originally thought. It's not too shimmery and doesn't have that annoying sticky feeling most lip glosses have. It's been a nice change to use this over my go-to MAC Lipsticks. The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask has been doing wonders in the hydration department for my skin. With winter here and winds bitterly cold, my skin has been sucked dry. This overnight mask adds moisture back into my skin so when I wake up it feels nice and plump with hydration. The smell isn't my favorite, but it's easily tolerable when it works so well.

What products have you been loving this week?

xoxo Kayla
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The 60 Day No Beauty Buy: Day 40

I have failed. I am admitting complete and utter defeat. The fantastically wonderful sales around Black Friday and Cyber Monday did me in. I think it's safe to say that the No Beauty Buy is over. Despite the fact that I couldn't stick it out for the 60 days I am still really proud of myself for going as long as I did. The point of the no beauty buy was more or less to teach myself that I don't have to buy every little beauty item that I decide I want to get, but rather to wait for sales or give it some time to see if I really want it. My spending has slowed down monumentally and I've come up with a good idea in my last post about how to keep an eye on my spending in the future. 

Through this experience I've also learned that I really do love beauty and makeup. I don't really buy much else in the form of hobbies or interests besides the occasional novel, so it's alright that I spend my money on these things. I just have to remember not to spend all the money. Maybe I'll do another No Beauty Buy in the future; it won't be as long as this one because 60 days is quite a lot of time. Plus I won't do it around the holidays where all the amazing sales are going on!

What are your thoughts on No Beauty Buys? Do you think they're effective?

xoxo Kayla
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Current Beauty Wishlist #3

I can't seem to go two weeks without accumulating a number of different new beauty products I'm lusting over. It's interesting to see how my tastes/moods change from wishlist to wishlist. This wishlist seems to be all about skincare and haircare while usually there's some makeup thrown in. It may only be interesting to me, but I find it very curious.

1. Clinique All About Lips $22.50
 I'm notorious for nibbling my lips to bits, so anything to help restore them, rid them of dead skin, and make them look plumper perks my interest. For the price though I know this will stay firmly on my wishlist unless some magical sale pops up to make it more reasonable. If you have any suggestions for more affordable lip treatment products, definitely let me know.

2. Living Proof Full Thickening Cream $26
Anything that boosts of thickening my fine, flat hair, my ears perk up instantly and my attention is captured. I've really been enjoying trying different products from Living Proof and am quite curious to see how this one compares. The fact that it's a cream is also interesting as I tend to use gels or sprays to volumize (usually unsuccessfully). I don't think I'll run out and buy the full size though without knowing how it works, so hopefully there will be an opportunity to try a sample of it.

3. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish $29
Another product to add volume, I have heard some seriously amazing things about this stuff. I worry that Bumble and Bumble will end up being like MAC to me: I shouldn't get a product from them because I know full well I'll become addicted and need all the things. The reviews are all super positive about it though so I'm definitely keeping it near the top of my wishlist.

4. Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Clarifying Sulfate-Free Shampoo $13
I've had my eye out for a clarifying shampoo for a bit of time now. I've been using more product in my hair and want to get something to help get rid of all the product buildup throughout the week and get my hair squeaky clean. I heard about this shampoo in a blog post somewhere and it has me curious.

Lust. I want this stuff. I don't know why I've gotten it into my head that this product will help solve all of my dry skin issues, but it's firmly stuck in my head. I've had more dry skin this beginning of winter than I think in my entire life, so anything to help soothe my poor skin, I'm eager to give a shot.

6. Living Proof Prime Style Extender $20
I used a small sample of this product a few months ago (a more in depth review coming) and I had mixed feelings about it at first. By the end of the sample I knew I wanted to have this stuff back in my life. I thought about buying this full size, but recently got a Living Proof sample kit from Sephora which has a very generous sized sample of this product. I'm still keeping it on my wishlist though as I'll likely be getting the full size when my sample runs out.

What products are on your wishlist right now?

xoxo Kayla
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Maybelline Color Elixirs by Color Sensational

Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational in "Mauve Mystique" $8.99

I have been eyeing these babies since they came out, but managed to stay away from them when I was loyal to my No Beauty Buy. As soon as I started slipping on my spending ban, these two shades were in my cart and out the door within days. I've never been one to jump at getting a lip gloss, but I just couldn't help but lust after these. I instantly knew I wanted to get "Mauve Mystique", but for some odd reason I find myself picking up two different shades of a lip product when there's a new release. I think it's because I like to give it an honest go and so much can go wrong with only picking one. The color might not be right for me, or I might pick up a dud, so I always get two...or at least those are the reasons I tell myself. So in the spirit of an honest review, I also picked up "Rose Redefined".

As expected, "Mauve Mystique" (bottom lip photo) is my favorite of the two as my lips have a naturally dark, mauve tint to them. It's not as mauve-y as I expected though which has me a bit bummed. From the look of the packaging I expected much more of a purple affect, but they still are just a deep pink tone. "Rose Redefined" is much lighter on the lips but still is close enough to my lip tone to look natural.

As for consistency, the glosses are thick but not overly thick. You definitely know you're wearing them, but they aren't sticky, which is the main reason I tend to avoid lip glosses. They don't have the greatest staying power on me, but I tend to rub my lips together and don't mind reapplying throughout the day. I have a feeling they would last quite nicely on people who just leave their lips alone and aren't nibblers like myself. I also completely love the applicator. It feels like nothing I've ever used on my lips before and you can really tell it's getting the product on there (maybe why the gloss is able to go on so thick?). Their triangle shape is a stroke of genius and after one swipe my lips are almost perfectly coated.

Have you picked up a Color Elixir yet? What is your favorite shade?

xoxo Kayla  

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November Non-Beauty Favorites

There weren't too many non-beauty favorites for the month of November because I spent the majority of my time working on my honors senior thesis in order to graduate on the 15th of this month. I did however have a few things I felt were worthy enough to talk about!

What are some of your non-beauty favorites this past month?

xoxo Kayla
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November Beauty Favorites

This month's favorites hosted a lot of higher end products (someone is becoming a bit posh isn't she?). I somehow failed to include the Urban Decay Naked Palette in the video, but it's definitely included in my favorites for the month. It's my go to palette for everyday looks and I can't believe it's taken me so long to purchase it!

What are some of your November beauty favorites?

xoxo Kayla
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This Week's Most Loved #6

An interesting mix of favorites this week! First up is the Dove Hair Therapy Volume Dry Shampoo which I couldn't seem to find online anywhere. All the search results came up with "invigorating" dry shampoo which is not the product I own. I'm not sure if they just changed the wording on the packaging or what, but I can safely say that this product has changed my world. I use it right after I blow dry my clean hair in the morning to add some seriously noticeable volume to my hair. It gives my flat, stick straight hair a boost and I've been seriously rocking what I like to call "the French messy bob look." This stuff is amazing and affordable!? What!? Go get you some. Seriously. I've returned to a very old favorite this past week as well. I used my Benefit "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer back when I wanted to feel posh and fancy using an expensive product. I only had the sample size, but turns out two samples from amazon cost less than a full size, and you end up with more products. I like the sample size packaging more, it doesn't have that weird applicator, and the samples seem to last forever. The primer gives my dry morning skin a burst of moisture and adds a nice subtle glow to my skin. It also smells like strawberries which is super enjoyable. Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins has taken a front row seat in my evening skin care routine. It's gentle enough to use every day and packs a wallop in the moisture department. I definitely am not a fan of the scent, but I let it go considering it's so effective.

What products have you been loving this week?

xoxo Kayla
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The Fab Five: Green Nail Polish

From Left to Right
Essie's "The More the Merrier" $8.50
China Glaze's "Re-Fresh Mint" $7.50
Rimmel's "Rags to Riches" $1.99
China Glaze's "Starboard" $4.95
Essie's "Mojito Madness" $8.50

Green nail polishes weren't something I was initially interested in when I first started purchasing nail polishes. I gravitated more towards the blues for a while, but once I got my hands on my first green polish (Re-Fresh Mint), I couldn't be stopped. It seems as if greens have a lot more tonal variety so I have a lot of options in color choice when I'm picking out a green polish.

First up is Essie's "The More the Merrier" which came out in Essie's Naughty Nautical Summer 2013 Collection. It's your token lime green shade leaning a little more on the green side than the yellow side. Like the rest of the Naughty Nautical collection, there are tiny flecks of silver glitter in the polish that show up when the light hits your nails at different angles. It's quite the sight to see and I find myself staring at my nails like a dork whenever I'm wearing one from the collection. I'm not a big fan of glitter polishes usually so this is a great middle-of-the-road option. China Glaze's "Re-Fresh Mint" is up there as one of my favorite polishes of all time. It's a green-tinted mint shade that I love everything about. It checks all the boxes for the perfect mint polish. I'm still on the hunt for a blue-tinted mint shade, but this guy has made the search less important. You need this polish. Seriously.

Every time I try another one of Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro polishes I'm shocked at how amazing they are for the price. Rimmel's "Rags to Riches" is simply amazing, and for the price it can't be beat. It's a forest green, metallic looking polish but doesn't have any glitter in it. It's incredibly easy to apply to the nail quickly (all thanks to the amazing brush). It lasts ages. China Glaze's "Starboard" is a recent addition to my green polish collection and is one serious green. It's deep, dark, and downright lovely. It's opaque after one coat and is a staple color. It's a fairly old China Glaze polish though so it's really only found on Amazon these days. Finally Essie's "Mojito Madness" has me a bit perplexed. I expected it to be a bit more minty than it actually is, but the shade is lovely regardless. It reminds me a lot of grass actually, so it's the perfect summer polish.

What are your favorite green nail polishes??

xoxo Kayla
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Haul: Bath and Body Works Candles

Bath and Body Works Candle "Winter" $20
Bath and Body Works Candle "Spiced Wreath" $20
Bath and Body Works Candle "Kitchen Spice" $20
Bath and Body Works Candle "Nutmeg & Spice No. 1" $20

I picked up a few candles during a recent Bath and Body Works online sale. I ended up paying $35 total after all the sales and deals were applied, so it was definitely worth the purchase considering the candles are using $20 a piece. The biggest challenge was trying to pick scents I would like without smelling them beforehand. Overall I think I did a really great job blindly picking candles! All of the ones I picked except for "Winter" have a rich, spicy scent filled with tones of cinnamon, allspice, and other spices. "Kitchen Spice" literally combines all those things into one, while "Nutmeg & Spice No. 1" has hints of caramel. "Spiced Wreath" has the cinnamon scent along with apples! "Winter" on the other hand is a fresher scent that I can see working well in the bathroom. It has a lot of pine needle undertones and a light woodsy feel. I personally love the spicy scents and can't wait to burn them! It was hard enough not burning them before taking the photos!

Have you purchased any Bath and Body Works Candles lately? Which scent would you get?

xoxo Kayla
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theBalm Products 50% Off on Hautelook!

I've wanted to get the Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette for ages but I couldn't justify spending $36 on yet another neutral eye shadow palette. But then I got an email from Hautelook (something which I usually ignore) and in the subject line was theBalm. I had to check it out. Some of the most popular theBalm products are on sale for 50% off!! WHAT?! Yet another deal that I couldn't pass up and had to share with everyone. I'm going to pick up the Nude'tude palette, but also the famous FratBoy blush and Mary-Lou Manizer Highlight. I'm all sorts of excited, and have promptly thrown my No Beauty Buy out the window.  Plus today is payday because of Thanksgiving break falling on the usual payday. It had to be done. The sale ends on Monday, December 2nd at 8AM Pacific but good sales sell out quickly. If you decide to check it out click the link above or the image to use my referral link and you'll help me out in the process too!

Let me know if you purchase anything!

xoxo Kayla
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