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Essie's Naughty Nautical Summer 2013 Collection

I've been in a "no-buy" for nail polish for a few months now and I thought I was doing a pretty good job with a few purchases here and there. That is, until I saw Essie's Naughty Nautical Summer 2013 Collection. Never in my entire existence have I purchased an entire collection of anything (well maybe every season of Gilmore Girls), but this collection had me drooling. It contains tons of shades I didn't have in my collection. It was also right around my birthday when I placed the order so the arguments that I should treat myself won over arguments to remain strong. I purchased the set from amazon (I've linked the page for the polishes), so I ended up paying around $5 per bottle (originally $8). They arrived yesterday, and I'm already so happy I broke my no-buy for them!

Naughty Nautical
The namesake of this collection and one of the first polishes that really had me contemplating getting the whole set. It's a beautiful, rich teal color with silver micro-glitter throughout. 

Rock the Boat
A lavender shade that leans towards the cooler silver/blue side of the spectrum, this polish also has tiny glitter in it to make the polish have more dimension. I've always been one for pastels and lighter shades, so this was an easy sell.

The Girls Are Out
This polish is definitely  not one I'd purchase on its own, but I'm extremely happy to have it in my collection to help me start branching out. It's a hot, hot pink with the same micro-glitter the others have. It's bold and fun!

Sunday Funday
A bright red-orange fire that reminds me of beach balls and sunsets. Another shade that's more bold than I would normally gravitate to, Sunday Funday demands attention!

The More the Merrier
The only polish that doesn't have the micro-glitter in it is also my absolute favorite polish from the collection. Who would have thought this lover of blue nail polish would gravitate towards the lime green shade!?! I honestly have no idea why I love it so much. It's unique, definitely like nothing I've worn or own, and a risk for me and my nails!

Full Steam Ahead
Full Steam Ahead is the sister to Rock the Boat but leans more on the purple side of lavender. The micro-glitter is back in this polish and it has me thinking of romantic dinners by candlelight looking out on the water.

Here's hoping I haven't just opened up a door to buying whole nail polish collections in the future. This collection was just too diverse and too beautiful to pass up. Plus it's really helped flesh out my nail polish collection to have me feel as if I've covered the entire gamut of nail polish shades. Of course the no-buy is back in full force, but I know I won't be able to stay away from nail polish for long!

What's your favorite shade from this collection?? What colors have you been loving on your nails this summer?

xoxo Kayla


21st Birthday

A little glimpse into my 21st birthday over the weekend. Let me know if you're interested in a more detailed post about my outfit (I picked it out specifically for the party).

xoxo Kayla
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Review: TRESemmé Leave-in Split End Conditioning Treatment

As most of you are aware, I have really long hair. Think mermaid long. So with hair that long I have a lot of trouble with split ends and lifeless hair (if you have any suggestions for products that add volume let me know!). I finally had enough and decided to seek out something to repair my downright annoying split ends.

I opted for TRESemmé's Leave-in Split End Conditioning Treatment because the package boasted the claim that it could fix my split ends up to 80% after three uses. I just love claims like that because it makes me want to see if there's any truth in them. Usually I find that there isn't, but low and behold I actually could see quite the difference in my split ends after three uses!

The products is a very watery consistency and I definitely wouldn't use the recommended two to three pumps. One is more than enough to coat the ends of my hair. It smells really great and instantly makes your hair feel smoother. I also haven't used the product in a couple of days to see what happens if you stop using the product. I expected my split ends to come right back, but my ends have remained smoother and better looking. Plus it's an affordable product that I expect will last me ages.

This product was a very pleasant surprise! Definitely give it a shot if you're looking to go to war against your split ends!

xoxo Kayla
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Review: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

I picked up Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles (phew that name is way too long) after hearing a few different trusted beauty gurus mention it here and there in videos. When I found it in the store it had a $2 off instantly coupon attached to it which bumped the price down to a reasonable $5.

I've used this product for a week or so now and I definitely don't see any amazing improvements and I definitely don't look any younger. It's still been a pretty solid concealer for my blasted under eyes though. My biggest pet peeve (and I'm sure many others') is the sponge applicator. It's just unnecessary and dirty to me. To try and avoid using the sponge as much as possible, I apply the concealer with a quick swipe and then use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to do the blending. 

Overall I think it's a good product with the sponge being it's biggest flaw. It's definitely not the best under eye concealer I've used (I'm too enamored with the Bobbi Brown Corrector), but I don't regret purchasing it.

Have a product you'd like me to review? Leave it in the comments!

xoxo Kayla
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My Annual Birthday Bag Purchase

Unbeknownst to me I find myself purchasing a new bag every year around my birthday. It's my birthday gift to myself, but I never realized my birthday bag trend until this year.

Last year I purchased Vera Bradley's Saddle Up bag in the print "Folkloric." The print is no longer available but I have loved this bag since I purchased it. I'm a fan of cross body bags and this one was big enough to carry a lot of the things I (think) I need. But she's seen better days and I've been itching for a new bag for a couple of months.

After some extensive browsing I have decided to make my first Dailylook purchase. I've been consistently looking at Dailylook's site for almost a year, but have yet to purchase anything because I've been collecting "look points" to get $20 in credits. I've finally reached enough points! 

I've chosen the Color Block Studded Bowler Bag for this year's annual birthday bag purchase!

It's unlike any of my other bags and really grabbed my attention. I've looked at a LOT of bags the past couple of weeks and I felt like I kept seeing the same bag again and again until this beauty popped up! It's much larger than I expected, but I'm very happy about that surprise. It has three large compartments that has the organizational side of me super happy. Now I can separate the things I use most often to be able to access them faster.

If you're interested, I can do a full review of the bag after I've used it for a bit! Leave a comment below ( :

xoxo Kayla
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Haul: Mary Kay

I recently hosted a Mary Kay party with my big sister in my sorority as the consultant (I wrote a post about the party here). It was a blast to hang out and talk about makeup! I made a few purchases and after just a week they were delivered! I thought about filming a video, but then decided just to write a post about them on here instead.

I'm a huge fan of Benefit's "That Gal" Face Primer (Review of it here) so it definitely means something that I purchased Mary Kay's Foundation Primer. I really liked the consistency of the product (thick but not too thick and applies really nicely) and that it's considerably cheaper than Benefit's Face Primer. I haven't really bothered to look into other primers, but I thought it was time to give "That Gal" some competition. I'm excited to see which one wins out. I'll be giving full reviews of all the products after I've used them more.

 We had the chance to apply this foundation during the party and after I got over the shock of being the absolute lightest shade (I am SO pale!) I really liked this foundation. I don't usually wear foundation to begin with because my skin really doesn't need it and I don't want heavy coverage. Powder foundations have always intrigued me as a good alternative to liquid foundation, but I've never had the chance to play around with one. I'm definitely looking forward to using this product.

I've been on the hunt for a new blush for quite some time now and my party seemed like the perfect time to pick one up. I knew I was already buying things so I thought "what the hell!" I tried to stay away from my go-to coral choice and pick this baby pink color. It has a lot of micro gold shimmer in it which I think will look really good in the summer to give me more of a summer glow. 

The next two products we also got to try out during the party and I fell in love. I've just recently gotten more into skin care and religiously cleaning my makeup off at the end of the day. This cleanser is incredibly gentle on the skin and is just an overall strong cleanser from my first experience. I'm not entirely sure what three things it does in one, but the package talks about clearing away impurities, erasing visible signs of aging, and restoring the look of younger skin. I'm guessing those are the three things...and I'm a fan of already starting to reduce the effects of aging. It'll be interesting to see how it fends after repeat use.

I bought this product in a set with the 3-in-1 Cleanser and love this product just as much. I'm glad to have a cleanser and moisturizer in the same brand. I'm not sure why that seems to make a difference to me but I just envision them working together with magic fairy dust or something. I've only used a drugstore brand moisturizer in the past so I'm eager to try something new!

I'm watching my parents' dogs for the week while they're in California and Jacobi kept me company while I did my product shots. Such a beautiful dog!

xoxo Kayla
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Haul: Real Techniques Brushes

I've never been all that phased by beauty gurus ranting about MAC brushes or Sigma brushes because I figured they were just too expensive for me. But I've been hearing essiebutton talk about Real Techniques brushes for months. Then I made the mistake of going to the website and seeing that these brushes really aren't terribly expensive for how amazing I've heard that they are. So I may have went a little brush crazy. My current collection of brushes contains very cheap e.l.f. brushes, random Ulta brushes, and just overall cheap "does the job" brushes. So I was in the mood to flesh out my collection with actual brushes, and I did just that (plus I got free shipping since I spent over $50).

This collection appealed to me because it contained a lot of good face brushes. Like I said, I really didn't have any brushes besides a few eye shadow brushes and a blush brush.

Contour Brush
This brush is designed for applying highlighter. I'm a huge fan of the dewy/fresh look so this brush has me super excited to explore different ways to add a nice glow to my face. 

Pointed Foundation Brush
For using with liquid foundation to really focus on certain areas, this brush was definitely not the reason I bought this set (the contour and buffing brushes were). I'm really excited for it though because when I do have the occasionally blemish, this brush will be fantastic at focusing on the problem area and concealing it.

Detailer Brush
This brush is encouraged to be used with lipstick for "long-lasting shape". That seems really odd to me, but it'll be interesting to try it out for its purpose. I'm also interested in seeing how this does with blemishes.

Buffing Brush
The brush that got me considering the purchase of the set! Said to be good for "full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation," that's exactly what I intend to use it for. Not to give anything away from a video that will be posted shortly, but I recently got my first mineral foundation. I've never been a fan of liquid foundation so I looked towards mineral foundation and this brush will definitely be a big help. Just imagine me trying to apply foundation with a blush brush! *shudders*

Another set that I thought would be perfect for someone like me who's never really gotten into the world of brushes. This one focuses more on the eyes and brows. I've actually used a few of these this morning and I've already seen a huge difference in my makeup. Who knew having good makeup wouldn't be enough?!

Base Shadow Brush
This brush has me super jazzed. I've only ever really used shadow brushes, so I feel like I have a pretty solid understanding of what makes a good shadow brush. I can already tell this one is going to be amazing. 

Deluxe Crease Brush
This is one of the brushes I've already used and it's definitely my favorite brush I've purchased. I've tried countless times to get that effortlessly shaded look that I see beauty gurus do in their tutorials. It just never worked for me, until I had the right tool! The magic I'm going to be able to perform with this baby!!

Accent Brush (Top)
This brush is "designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging" which has me thinking I'll be using this when I start venturing into smokey eyes (something I've never even bothered to try with the brushes I've had). I think it's going to be helpful with adding light shadows to the inner corner of my eyes.

Pixel-point Eyeliner Brush (Bottom)
Despite all my makeup handicaps I've never been afraid of liquid eyeliners or gel eyeliners. This brush is a welcomed addition as I'm curious to see how it applies gel eyeliner differently than the brushes that come with the liners. 

Brow Brush
My brows are another uncharted territory that I'm in no hurry to explore. So this brush currently doesn't have me drooling over it. However there could very well be a time when I'm crazy over eyebrows and he'll become my best pal.

I sought out this brush in particular for under my eyes. I usually apply concealer or corrector with my fingers, but I wanted to see the difference a brush could make with blending in the products as I tend to have issues with caking. I used the brush this morning and loved the results. Blending was so much easier and it left my under eyes with a flawless finish.

As I said before, I've had few brushes in my time but a (very crappy) blush brush was one of them. So this purchase was more superficial than the other ones. I just wanted a good blush brush! I definitely have fallen in love with this after just one use. It applies brush so smoothly and evenly. 

I'm over the moon with these brushes! Have you ever tried Real Techniques brushes? If not, which brush would you love to add to your collection?

My cat Tardis just couldn't help but try and become the center of attention while I was photographing the brushes! That little rascal!

xoxo Kayla


Dailylook Wishlist

I had a lot of fun making my last wishlist post so I thought I'd do another one! I find that making wishlists helps to curb my shopping addiction and it's also fun to see my current tastes. If there's any store in particular you'd like to see a wishlist post about, let me know!!

 For today's wishlist I browsed Usually when I am shopping with an intention to buy, I try to look only in the sales tab or for things under a certain price range. I didn't have to do that today! So I picked whatever I feel in love with at first sight!
These are just adorable. The plum is a really beautiful color and it will help to enhance any tan that I may or may not have. The scalloped edge is a really interesting detail. I've always been interested in lace shorts but don't think I'll ever buy a pair. These shorts remind me of lace shorts but in a much more subtle fashion.

Man oh man do I love bow jewelry. I've never been one to wear bows in my hair or on my clothes, but jewelry I just go crazy over. Maybe it's just the stereotypical sorority girl in me coming out, but this cuff bracelet has me drooling!

This is one of those items that I completely love, but would never spend $50 for it. $30 maybe if I'm feeling crazy. The color is fantastic for summer though and an effortless attention grabber. The button detailing makes the blazer feel really sophisticated while the color brings it back down towards fun and flirty.

Another item WAY out of my price range, but absolutely stunning. I've always been attracted to mauve and this dress does it amazingly well. I'm also a fan of the drastic high low cut! 

Good thing this bag was out of stock when I stumbled upon it or I would have instantly bought it. The mint green is beautiful and the detailing is to die for. I'm shocked at how inexpensive it actually is for how expensive I think it looks! Plus it comes with a shoulder strap. I'm always a fan of bags that you can carry a number of different ways.

Oxford heels. *swoon* My love and my addiction. They're so comfortable! Plus I don't think they've ever  really come back in style full force so that makes me a happy camper. I always get compliments when I wear my black patent leather oxford heels, and they're not even remotely as beautiful as these babies are!

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First Impressions: Ipsy's June Glam Bag

June is my second month of being subscribed to Ipsy. May's bag was an amazing way to start my relationship with Ipsy, but from first impressions I think June's just as good if not better.

Right off the bat I know I'm going to enjoy the NYX blush and the Cailyn gel eyeliner as they are two types of products I'm familiar with, but haven't used this brand or specific product before. 

The lip pencil and highlighter pencil have me a little uneasy, but I'm willing to give them a fair shot.

Then there's the cream glitter eye shadow palette that scares the crap out of me. It literally looks like glitter that's been magically held together in one place, but I feel as soon as I touch one of them it's just going to explode glitter everywhere. 

There is a lot of potential with this bag as well as a lot of personal makeup growth that can be gained through using products I'm not used to. I'm eager to explore! Well, maybe not with those eye shadows...

If you want to see my honest first impressions upon opening the bag, check out the video!

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Review: May Ipsy Glam Bag

May was my first ever Ipsy Glam Bag and I feel silly for never subscribing to the service before. I always had my eye on Birchbox when I should have been looking at Ipsy all along! After a month experimenting with the products in May's "Spring Fling" bag, here are my product reviews.

Yaby Concealer in "Honey"
I really enjoyed this concealer! I used it specifically under my eyes to help cover my under eye circles. I would first apply this and then add my Bobbi Brown Corrector on top. It gave me a really great awake look without looking cakey. The only negative to this concealer is it's packaging. I find myself fumbling with it every morning trying to get product.

Nume Finishing Serum
I have mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand I really do think it added shine to my hair and reduced frizz. However I can't stand the consistency. It's very similar to honey and gets everywhere quickly if you're not careful. It's a product I'll definitely keep using occasionally though.

Mirabella Colour Sheer Lipstick in "Daydream"
If you've watched some of my recent beauty videos then you'll know how head-over-heels I am with this lipstick! It's such an amazing color on the lips and is the most moisturizing lip product I've used in a really long time. I love the brand so much I ended up buying "Rapture," a deep red lipstick. It's a tad on the pricey side but you can find it cheaper on rather than getting it from the actual website.

Zoya Nail Polish in "Jacqueline"
This cream/white nail polish was a really awesome addition to the Ipsy bag considering it retails around $8. So the bag just about paid for itself with this little guy. I'm not a huge fan of white nail polish, but it's a really solid consistency and applies nicely with two coats. It took forever to dry though and it doesn't steal me away from my love affair with China Glaze.

Pacifica Roll On Perfume in "Tahitian Gardenia"
This perfume is described as having, "gardenia, jasmine, orange flowers, and notes of tea leaves" and I just did not like it. This perfume is definitely not my cup of tea and I'll be giving it to my older sister shortly who said she liked the scent. 

Overall my first Ipsy bag was an amazing treat!! The only product that I really didn't like was the perfume just because it wasn't my style. Everything else was fantastic and I can't wait to see what else Ipsy has in store!

If you're a subscriber to Ipsy what did you think of your May Glam Bag?

Interested in signing up for Ipsy? Click here! It helps me gain ipsyPoints, and I love me some points! 

If you're interested in more of my thoughts on the May Glam Bag or want to see what's inside the June Glam Bag, watch this video!

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Overview: Wet N Wild Beauty

Welcome to my first "Overview" post! This idea developed when I was looking into what products I wanted to try from Wet N Wild Beauty. I've never used Wet N Wild Beauty products before, but I've heard a lot of great things about certain products. So as I was standing in the aisle at Rite Aid and it hit me. I should purchase four to five different products in a brand and write an "overview" post. That way people can get an overall sense of the brand (what's good and what isn't). I always hear people rant and rave about one product, but I'm always curious to know how the brand is overall. So here we go with Wet N Wild Beauty!

I chose five different products that I thought could give me a really good sense of the brand.

Wild Shine Nail Color in "Casting Call" $0.99
How cow do I love this nail polish!! I was hoping for more of a rose shade, but the color is definitely true to bottle. It was also opaque with only one coat!! Unheard of in my book. I of course added a second coat out of habit, but this polish is incredible. Considering I pay a minimum of $5 for my nail polishes, finding a brand that makes very awesome polishes for only $1 is insane! The only downfall is they don't have as many color choices as the higher-end nail polishes.

So much dislike for this product I don't even know where to begin. It smells. Bad. Like something out of a makeup kit you got when you were seven. The color is nice enough but there's no way I'm putting this anywhere near my face after putting it on my hand. It's just not a good product. And just a personal pet peeve, I hate that it doesn't have an actual name, just a number. One of my favorite things about makeup shopping is reading all the clever, fun names. 553B doesn't tell me anything. However I actually hate another product even more than this one.

Color Icon Blusher in "Pearlescent Pink" $2.99
First impressions of this product are positive. I like the color on the skin but it definitely is easy to put too much on without much effort. It's much more chalky than most drugstore blushes I've tried. The jury is still out on this product for me.

I have so much hate for this product. It's terrible. It's alarmingly chalky for a liquid and feels like paint. It doesn't blend into the skin at all! Which is probably a good thing considering I don't want this product in my pores. It's terrible. Stay away. 

This palette is the main reason I started looking into the Wet N Wild brand in the first place. Essiebutton talked about it on her website and in a video or two a while back and my interest was sparked. As expected they have a slightly chalky consistency, but they swatch really easily and are very pigmented. It's definitely a solid palette and I really enjoy that they added greens to the run-of-the-mill neutral tones. I'm a neutral girl through and through and this palette has me considering added green every once in a while to my standard look.

Overall Wet N Wild doesn't make sense to me. I can pay a dollar for awesome nail polish, but their concealers and lipsticks are just garbage. I definitely can understand now how I've only heard one or two products be mentioned on YouTube or other beauty sites. Check out the Comfort Zone palette and their Wild Shine nail polishes for sure, be cautious about everything else.
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