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Dailylook Wishlist

I had a lot of fun making my last wishlist post so I thought I'd do another one! I find that making wishlists helps to curb my shopping addiction and it's also fun to see my current tastes. If there's any store in particular you'd like to see a wishlist post about, let me know!!

 For today's wishlist I browsed Usually when I am shopping with an intention to buy, I try to look only in the sales tab or for things under a certain price range. I didn't have to do that today! So I picked whatever I feel in love with at first sight!
These are just adorable. The plum is a really beautiful color and it will help to enhance any tan that I may or may not have. The scalloped edge is a really interesting detail. I've always been interested in lace shorts but don't think I'll ever buy a pair. These shorts remind me of lace shorts but in a much more subtle fashion.

Man oh man do I love bow jewelry. I've never been one to wear bows in my hair or on my clothes, but jewelry I just go crazy over. Maybe it's just the stereotypical sorority girl in me coming out, but this cuff bracelet has me drooling!

This is one of those items that I completely love, but would never spend $50 for it. $30 maybe if I'm feeling crazy. The color is fantastic for summer though and an effortless attention grabber. The button detailing makes the blazer feel really sophisticated while the color brings it back down towards fun and flirty.

Another item WAY out of my price range, but absolutely stunning. I've always been attracted to mauve and this dress does it amazingly well. I'm also a fan of the drastic high low cut! 

Good thing this bag was out of stock when I stumbled upon it or I would have instantly bought it. The mint green is beautiful and the detailing is to die for. I'm shocked at how inexpensive it actually is for how expensive I think it looks! Plus it comes with a shoulder strap. I'm always a fan of bags that you can carry a number of different ways.

Oxford heels. *swoon* My love and my addiction. They're so comfortable! Plus I don't think they've ever  really come back in style full force so that makes me a happy camper. I always get compliments when I wear my black patent leather oxford heels, and they're not even remotely as beautiful as these babies are!

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