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Essie's Naughty Nautical Summer 2013 Collection

I've been in a "no-buy" for nail polish for a few months now and I thought I was doing a pretty good job with a few purchases here and there. That is, until I saw Essie's Naughty Nautical Summer 2013 Collection. Never in my entire existence have I purchased an entire collection of anything (well maybe every season of Gilmore Girls), but this collection had me drooling. It contains tons of shades I didn't have in my collection. It was also right around my birthday when I placed the order so the arguments that I should treat myself won over arguments to remain strong. I purchased the set from amazon (I've linked the page for the polishes), so I ended up paying around $5 per bottle (originally $8). They arrived yesterday, and I'm already so happy I broke my no-buy for them!

Naughty Nautical
The namesake of this collection and one of the first polishes that really had me contemplating getting the whole set. It's a beautiful, rich teal color with silver micro-glitter throughout. 

Rock the Boat
A lavender shade that leans towards the cooler silver/blue side of the spectrum, this polish also has tiny glitter in it to make the polish have more dimension. I've always been one for pastels and lighter shades, so this was an easy sell.

The Girls Are Out
This polish is definitely  not one I'd purchase on its own, but I'm extremely happy to have it in my collection to help me start branching out. It's a hot, hot pink with the same micro-glitter the others have. It's bold and fun!

Sunday Funday
A bright red-orange fire that reminds me of beach balls and sunsets. Another shade that's more bold than I would normally gravitate to, Sunday Funday demands attention!

The More the Merrier
The only polish that doesn't have the micro-glitter in it is also my absolute favorite polish from the collection. Who would have thought this lover of blue nail polish would gravitate towards the lime green shade!?! I honestly have no idea why I love it so much. It's unique, definitely like nothing I've worn or own, and a risk for me and my nails!

Full Steam Ahead
Full Steam Ahead is the sister to Rock the Boat but leans more on the purple side of lavender. The micro-glitter is back in this polish and it has me thinking of romantic dinners by candlelight looking out on the water.

Here's hoping I haven't just opened up a door to buying whole nail polish collections in the future. This collection was just too diverse and too beautiful to pass up. Plus it's really helped flesh out my nail polish collection to have me feel as if I've covered the entire gamut of nail polish shades. Of course the no-buy is back in full force, but I know I won't be able to stay away from nail polish for long!

What's your favorite shade from this collection?? What colors have you been loving on your nails this summer?

xoxo Kayla


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