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Haul: Real Techniques Brushes

I've never been all that phased by beauty gurus ranting about MAC brushes or Sigma brushes because I figured they were just too expensive for me. But I've been hearing essiebutton talk about Real Techniques brushes for months. Then I made the mistake of going to the website and seeing that these brushes really aren't terribly expensive for how amazing I've heard that they are. So I may have went a little brush crazy. My current collection of brushes contains very cheap e.l.f. brushes, random Ulta brushes, and just overall cheap "does the job" brushes. So I was in the mood to flesh out my collection with actual brushes, and I did just that (plus I got free shipping since I spent over $50).

This collection appealed to me because it contained a lot of good face brushes. Like I said, I really didn't have any brushes besides a few eye shadow brushes and a blush brush.

Contour Brush
This brush is designed for applying highlighter. I'm a huge fan of the dewy/fresh look so this brush has me super excited to explore different ways to add a nice glow to my face. 

Pointed Foundation Brush
For using with liquid foundation to really focus on certain areas, this brush was definitely not the reason I bought this set (the contour and buffing brushes were). I'm really excited for it though because when I do have the occasionally blemish, this brush will be fantastic at focusing on the problem area and concealing it.

Detailer Brush
This brush is encouraged to be used with lipstick for "long-lasting shape". That seems really odd to me, but it'll be interesting to try it out for its purpose. I'm also interested in seeing how this does with blemishes.

Buffing Brush
The brush that got me considering the purchase of the set! Said to be good for "full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation," that's exactly what I intend to use it for. Not to give anything away from a video that will be posted shortly, but I recently got my first mineral foundation. I've never been a fan of liquid foundation so I looked towards mineral foundation and this brush will definitely be a big help. Just imagine me trying to apply foundation with a blush brush! *shudders*

Another set that I thought would be perfect for someone like me who's never really gotten into the world of brushes. This one focuses more on the eyes and brows. I've actually used a few of these this morning and I've already seen a huge difference in my makeup. Who knew having good makeup wouldn't be enough?!

Base Shadow Brush
This brush has me super jazzed. I've only ever really used shadow brushes, so I feel like I have a pretty solid understanding of what makes a good shadow brush. I can already tell this one is going to be amazing. 

Deluxe Crease Brush
This is one of the brushes I've already used and it's definitely my favorite brush I've purchased. I've tried countless times to get that effortlessly shaded look that I see beauty gurus do in their tutorials. It just never worked for me, until I had the right tool! The magic I'm going to be able to perform with this baby!!

Accent Brush (Top)
This brush is "designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging" which has me thinking I'll be using this when I start venturing into smokey eyes (something I've never even bothered to try with the brushes I've had). I think it's going to be helpful with adding light shadows to the inner corner of my eyes.

Pixel-point Eyeliner Brush (Bottom)
Despite all my makeup handicaps I've never been afraid of liquid eyeliners or gel eyeliners. This brush is a welcomed addition as I'm curious to see how it applies gel eyeliner differently than the brushes that come with the liners. 

Brow Brush
My brows are another uncharted territory that I'm in no hurry to explore. So this brush currently doesn't have me drooling over it. However there could very well be a time when I'm crazy over eyebrows and he'll become my best pal.

I sought out this brush in particular for under my eyes. I usually apply concealer or corrector with my fingers, but I wanted to see the difference a brush could make with blending in the products as I tend to have issues with caking. I used the brush this morning and loved the results. Blending was so much easier and it left my under eyes with a flawless finish.

As I said before, I've had few brushes in my time but a (very crappy) blush brush was one of them. So this purchase was more superficial than the other ones. I just wanted a good blush brush! I definitely have fallen in love with this after just one use. It applies brush so smoothly and evenly. 

I'm over the moon with these brushes! Have you ever tried Real Techniques brushes? If not, which brush would you love to add to your collection?

My cat Tardis just couldn't help but try and become the center of attention while I was photographing the brushes! That little rascal!

xoxo Kayla


  1. Your pictures are such good quality, just thought i'd point it out! ;) Great post :D

  2. Great brush review!! I really want to try them!!!

    1. They are awesome! Kind of kicking myself I didn't get them sooner!

  3. I'm so tempted to get the eye brush kit the brushes look amazing !

    Little Rose @-'-,--

    1. The crease brush is definitely worth at least $15 in my book, so you'll be getting the other brushes for $3 if you look at it that way ( :

  4. hi :) i found your blog thru elle. im thinking of getting RT brushes so thanks for sharing this detailed review and pics :D

    1. Welcome to my site! They're definitely awesome brushes!

  5. Hi there, I also came by your blog through your post on Elle's blog. I'm a new blogger myself and I think it's important for us small bloggers to work together :)
    <3 New follower on bloglovin :)
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

  6. Lovely haul honey! I absolutely love Real Techniques brushes, they are such great quality and for the price they are definitely the best is my books. :) I really want to get blush brush, it looks so fluffy and nice!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  7. Wow you got the whole shebang! I just used the expert face brush and setting brush for the first time this morning and geez! i want to get more! I'd been looking for a good foundation brush for... YEARS! I want that multitask brush and contour brush.

    Like a few others- I found you through Elle. contact me if you'd like to do some collabs :).

    Potions Anonymous Blog and Crumpled Fantasies Blog


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