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My Annual Birthday Bag Purchase

Unbeknownst to me I find myself purchasing a new bag every year around my birthday. It's my birthday gift to myself, but I never realized my birthday bag trend until this year.

Last year I purchased Vera Bradley's Saddle Up bag in the print "Folkloric." The print is no longer available but I have loved this bag since I purchased it. I'm a fan of cross body bags and this one was big enough to carry a lot of the things I (think) I need. But she's seen better days and I've been itching for a new bag for a couple of months.

After some extensive browsing I have decided to make my first Dailylook purchase. I've been consistently looking at Dailylook's site for almost a year, but have yet to purchase anything because I've been collecting "look points" to get $20 in credits. I've finally reached enough points! 

I've chosen the Color Block Studded Bowler Bag for this year's annual birthday bag purchase!

It's unlike any of my other bags and really grabbed my attention. I've looked at a LOT of bags the past couple of weeks and I felt like I kept seeing the same bag again and again until this beauty popped up! It's much larger than I expected, but I'm very happy about that surprise. It has three large compartments that has the organizational side of me super happy. Now I can separate the things I use most often to be able to access them faster.

If you're interested, I can do a full review of the bag after I've used it for a bit! Leave a comment below ( :

xoxo Kayla

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