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Overview: Wet N Wild Beauty

Welcome to my first "Overview" post! This idea developed when I was looking into what products I wanted to try from Wet N Wild Beauty. I've never used Wet N Wild Beauty products before, but I've heard a lot of great things about certain products. So as I was standing in the aisle at Rite Aid and it hit me. I should purchase four to five different products in a brand and write an "overview" post. That way people can get an overall sense of the brand (what's good and what isn't). I always hear people rant and rave about one product, but I'm always curious to know how the brand is overall. So here we go with Wet N Wild Beauty!

I chose five different products that I thought could give me a really good sense of the brand.

Wild Shine Nail Color in "Casting Call" $0.99
How cow do I love this nail polish!! I was hoping for more of a rose shade, but the color is definitely true to bottle. It was also opaque with only one coat!! Unheard of in my book. I of course added a second coat out of habit, but this polish is incredible. Considering I pay a minimum of $5 for my nail polishes, finding a brand that makes very awesome polishes for only $1 is insane! The only downfall is they don't have as many color choices as the higher-end nail polishes.

So much dislike for this product I don't even know where to begin. It smells. Bad. Like something out of a makeup kit you got when you were seven. The color is nice enough but there's no way I'm putting this anywhere near my face after putting it on my hand. It's just not a good product. And just a personal pet peeve, I hate that it doesn't have an actual name, just a number. One of my favorite things about makeup shopping is reading all the clever, fun names. 553B doesn't tell me anything. However I actually hate another product even more than this one.

Color Icon Blusher in "Pearlescent Pink" $2.99
First impressions of this product are positive. I like the color on the skin but it definitely is easy to put too much on without much effort. It's much more chalky than most drugstore blushes I've tried. The jury is still out on this product for me.

I have so much hate for this product. It's terrible. It's alarmingly chalky for a liquid and feels like paint. It doesn't blend into the skin at all! Which is probably a good thing considering I don't want this product in my pores. It's terrible. Stay away. 

This palette is the main reason I started looking into the Wet N Wild brand in the first place. Essiebutton talked about it on her website and in a video or two a while back and my interest was sparked. As expected they have a slightly chalky consistency, but they swatch really easily and are very pigmented. It's definitely a solid palette and I really enjoy that they added greens to the run-of-the-mill neutral tones. I'm a neutral girl through and through and this palette has me considering added green every once in a while to my standard look.

Overall Wet N Wild doesn't make sense to me. I can pay a dollar for awesome nail polish, but their concealers and lipsticks are just garbage. I definitely can understand now how I've only heard one or two products be mentioned on YouTube or other beauty sites. Check out the Comfort Zone palette and their Wild Shine nail polishes for sure, be cautious about everything else.


  1. Thanks for the review! I was actually looking into the Wet'n'Wild I know what not to get. I'll definitely be trying that palette though. Heard some many great things about that too!

    1. I'm wearing the right side of the palette today and really like it ( :

  2. I've always been weary of WetnWild... I made them synonymous with "cheap/bad quality" in my brain from a long time ago for some reason. It's nice to know they have some good products hidden in the line! :)

    1. I've only heard about their eye shadows and figured I'd look at a random group of stuff just to get a vibe of the brand...definitely some really really crappy products


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