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Review: Flower Nail'd It Nail Lacquer

  I stumbled upon Drew Barrymore's makeup line while I was roaming through Walmart a few months ago. The display suddenly appeared in the beauty aisle and "drew" me in (I had to do it!). Most of the products were on the very high end of what I would consider paying for drugstore makeup, but the nail polishes were a reasonable $4.98.

The reason you've probably never seen or heard about this product outside of beauty blogs or reviews? Apparently the brand doesn't advertising (according to the website). Very interesting approach in my opinion. Regardless of the fact I hadn't heard about the brand before, I was on a pretty serious nail polish buying binge and picked myself up a polish to try. I purchased "May Flowers," this baby pink colored polish.

The consistency of the polish was comparable to my Essie and China Glaze polishes. I absolutely love the shade and after two coats it popped on the nails. I liked the polish formula so much I went back and purchased "I Lavendare You!"

This polish was much lighter on the nails and took three coats, a little more time than I would have liked to invest in painting my nails. It's a beautiful lavender/lilac color with tiny pieces of purple glitter. The formula was exactly the same as the first polish I picked up which is nice. I just hate when polish consistency changes from one polish to another within a brand.

Overall I really like Flower polishes, but I'm going to stick with my trusty China Glaze in the long run. All of the Flower nail polishes come in very soft pastel, flower related tones and I know I'll get tired and want more variety. However they are definitely some of my favorite drug store nail polishes I've tried in a long time and did a fantastic job at filling my pastel craving.

xoxo Kayla


  1. If you try her make up please let me know! I wanna try like all of her concealers but I've only seen 1 review so if you try them please do a blog post!! (@itsCJD)

    And I totally agree about the polish... not many colors were colors I'd actually wear. :/

    1. I'll look into some of the concealers! Anything in particular you want me to review?


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