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Review: TRESemmé Leave-in Split End Conditioning Treatment

As most of you are aware, I have really long hair. Think mermaid long. So with hair that long I have a lot of trouble with split ends and lifeless hair (if you have any suggestions for products that add volume let me know!). I finally had enough and decided to seek out something to repair my downright annoying split ends.

I opted for TRESemmé's Leave-in Split End Conditioning Treatment because the package boasted the claim that it could fix my split ends up to 80% after three uses. I just love claims like that because it makes me want to see if there's any truth in them. Usually I find that there isn't, but low and behold I actually could see quite the difference in my split ends after three uses!

The products is a very watery consistency and I definitely wouldn't use the recommended two to three pumps. One is more than enough to coat the ends of my hair. It smells really great and instantly makes your hair feel smoother. I also haven't used the product in a couple of days to see what happens if you stop using the product. I expected my split ends to come right back, but my ends have remained smoother and better looking. Plus it's an affordable product that I expect will last me ages.

This product was a very pleasant surprise! Definitely give it a shot if you're looking to go to war against your split ends!

xoxo Kayla

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