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The Editor's Market Wishlist

Ever since I watched a video by clothesencounters on YouTube where she wore clothing from The Editor's Market, I've found myself gravitating towards their website. I've been in a serious diversify my wardrobe phase for almost a year now and The Editor's Market has some very interesting pieces that are unlike anything I currently own. The Editor's Market is a company out of Singapore, but they ship internationally. Their prices are in Singapore dollars and the more pieces you purchase, the more each individual piece reduces in price! I'm currently trying to save money, so I can only dream about owning these pieces right now.
This is a two piece outfit and I just love the royal blue! The pleats add some really awesome texture to the outfit and I feel like I would wear this all the time. It's comfortable yet really put together. 

First off, I will probably never buy these glasses because they're so expensive, but it's nice to dream about owning them! I just love their vintage vibe and how sturdy they look. 

This skirt caught my eye instantly. It's absolutely beautiful! I love how full the skirt is! It's feminine yet I feel like you can get yourself into some awesome adventures in this skirt. *sigh* I want it in my life!

This blouse is adorable and the oxblood color is absolutely amazing. My skin tone has red undertones so I always look blotchy when I wear red shirts, but this shirt is a perfect alternative. I get my red fix without looking like a tomato.

If you've seen my latest video "Fun in Floral," you know I've become obsessed with floral more than I have ever been before. These shorts are delicate, vintage looking shorts and I love that they don't have any hardware in the front. Sometimes I just don't want to have zippers and buttons all over.

This bag immediately jumped out at me with it's bright green color. I don't own anything remotely like this and I've fallen in love. The studded detail is touch but also delicate. I've also been trying to reduce the size of my bags so I carry less and this is just perfect!

Do you like these wishlist posts?? Let me know!!

xoxo Kayla

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