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Doing a Little Bath Exploration

Floating Island Bath Melt $7.95
Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar $10.95
Ma Bar Bubble Bar $7.95

While I was at LUSH recently picking up my first "black tub" products, I couldn't help but mosey over to the bath section. LUSH bath items are my first love and the reason I got interested in LUSH. However I feel like I've gotten stale with my baths, always using the same products (A French Kiss Bubble Bar is a routine occurrence). So since my LUSH trip had turned into an adventure of new products, I figured I should do a little bath exploration as well.

I picked three items that were completely different in scent and experience. The only similarity between the products is that "Blue Skies" and "Ma Bar" are both bubble bars. Other than that these products are completely different, and I'm excited to try all of them.

"Floating Island" is a clean scent with hints of vanilla, sandalwood, and lemon. The product melts slowly the website says, which has me very excited for a light, luxurious experience. And LUSH knows how to do luxurious.

To be honest, "Blue Skies" appealed to me first and foremost because of its size. As soon as I saw it I knew I could get at least four really good baths out of it. I'm always looking for a way to make my dollar stretch, so the over $10 price tag didn't turn me off because I knew how often I could use the product. The bubble bar is earthy, with frankincense oil and patchouli. It's deep but not too "into the woods" smelling.

"Ma Bar" is just beautiful. Brown sugar, cocoa, honey toffee. Delicious. The website even uses the phrase "chocolately bubbles". Does anyone else start to think of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in bubble bar form?

Although it's summer, I still find myself wanting to relax in the bath with a good book every once in a while. These bath goodies have taken me out of my rut and have me excited to get the water running.

What bath products do you like or would like to try from LUSH?

xoxo Kayla

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