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I Love Me Some China Glaze

Ah China Glaze. The nail polish brand that I keep going back to and is in a constant battle with Essie. I've been starting to pack for an impending move and was reorganizing my nail polish collection when I noticed the number of China Glaze polishes I've accumulated in the past year that I've really gotten into nail polish. So here's my China Glaze collection:

All of these polishes helped get me out of my blue rut (I love blue polishes and it's a serious problem) and begin to really explore the world of polish. "Lemon Fizz" is by far my favorite; fun, bright, and attention grabbing.

Ah the pinks and purples. All colors I've found hard to work with. I blame my shaky left hand for any problems I've had using these. Funny enough I had completely forgotten about "Spontaneous" until I took these photos. I know which color's going to be on my nails next!

My favorites. "For Audrey" was the first China Glaze polish I ever purchased. "Fairy Dust" is my way of taking any of my matte polishes and spicing them up without having to buy a new polish. My boyfriend Alex actually bought me the lovely "Adore". He's not a fan of my growing nail polish addiction, but he's still supportive. I always find myself gravitating to "Shower Together". That's a blue that means business.

Are there any China Glaze polishes you think I need to add to my collection?

xoxo Kayla

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  1. Gorgeous colours!

    My all-time favourite polish (I'm a blue fanatic as well) is China Glaze Frostbite. A perfect royal blue - my go-to for when I don't know what colour to wear! I also love China Glaze Pool Party for the toes - it's a neon orange/coral. But since it's a neon, it dries matte so you definitely need a top coat if you want shine!


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