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Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Collection Lipstick in "104"

After my first attempt with matte lipsticks going horribly wrong (see what I'm talking about here), I was hesitant to venture back into the matte lipstick world regardless of how much I desperately wanted to find a good one. I recently read a review on a follow beauty blogger's site that convinced me to give this line of matte lipsticks a shot. I'm so happy I did

This lipstick is my soul mate. It's a shade I've never tried before: a raspberry, mauve with purple undertones. It's smooth, has a great smell that's distinctive but not annoying like most lipstick scents. It's a tad drying likely due to its matte qualities but nothing too horrible and I barely notice it. I also really love the packaging and the price shocks me. It's so affordable for a product I'm completely obsessed with. I already have my mind made up to go and pick up a few more shades. 

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  1. this post made me decide to get this shade. I've been looking for something not too deep, but still a red. something that matches my lips but maybe a bit darker and it looks perfect. our skin and hair color are very similar so i guess i'll love it on my face too! I bought the Rimmel 058 drop of sherry and I like it but it's too orangy for me. It's moisturizing though, it feels awesome for hours.
    thanks for the post!


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