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Review: Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in "Spicy and Sweet"

I've had my eye on Benefit's boxed blushes for years but to this day still can't get myself to spend nearly $30 to get one. So when I saw that Hard Candy had a version of their own for a fraction of the cost, I thought I might as well check it out. Hard Candy has a few different types of boxed blushes, but "Spicy and Sweet" seemed the most general one to give me a good sense of the product. 

I would have taken a selfie to show you what it looks on the cheeks, but it's not very pigmented and I was having real trouble getting anything to show up in photos. When swatched it's just as light on the fingers and barely noticeable when transferred to the back of my hand. So if that isn't an indication of the mediocrity of this product, I don't know what is. It does add something to the cheeks, but it's better for giving a soft "glow" or "warm" look rather than adding any real pop of color. I much rather use my e.l.f. blushes over this guy. I was optimistic that I found something to curb my appetite for Benefit's blushes, but now I only want to try them more to see what I'm missing.

Have you used any boxed blushes before?

xoxo Kayla

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