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Review: L'Oréal Power Moisture Rush Mask

I've never tried a deep conditioner before, but I've been working on trying to take care of my mermaid hair better than I have been. I picked up this hair mask after looking at a few different ones in the store. I was worried I picked one that would just make my hair more oily, but I've since determined that is not the case. I have yet to be able to tell if this mask does anything. My hair hasn't become shinier (it may have become a bit drier actually) from using the product and nothing seems to be different about my hair.

I'm going to continue using it to see if there's any changes and will do a follow-up post if I do in fact notice a difference. Right now though, it's just another type of conditioner that happens to come in a tub and doesn't do anything all that spectacular.

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