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Review: LUSH's Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask $6.95

I recently went on quite the shopping adventure to LUSH when I was visiting my best friend Lauren. We were given a complete tour of the store, trying out basically every product and spending almost two hours exploring. (We walked out smelling amazing!) I have always been intrigued by the fresh face masks and decided that it was the day to give one a shot. The wonderful salesgirl name Ari who became our best friend that day suggested I try "Love Lettuce" since I don't have any issues with my skin and just wanted a good ol' fashion face mask.

In store the mask had little to no smell; it just smelled fresh. However as soon as I put my fingers into my little pot when I got home the strong smell hit me instantly. I hated it. It smelled completely horrible to me. Not wanting to give up on the product so quickly I smeared it onto my face anyway and avoided putting any under my nose. I've always been weird about scents and refused to let it get in the way!!

Smell aside, the mask contains thick particles that really help to scrub and exfoliate the skin without being too harsh. I used barely any product and it still managed to go a long way. I left it on for the recommended 5-10 minutes and washed it away with warm water.

My face felt fantastic!! A day later and I'm still feeling the softening, smooth, moisturized effects of the mask. I'm not sure if my face is "glowing" as the description suggests, but I can definitely feel the difference. For the price it's definitely a product worth trying and it's an interesting experience having to leave it in the fridge to keep it fresh. I'm excited to use up the rest of the pot, let's just hope I can get over the not-so-pleasant smell!

Have you tried any of LUSH's Fresh Face Masks??

xoxo Kayla

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  1. I love LUSH! I've tried Dark Angel and one of their lip balms and really liked them both. My container of Dark Angel lasted over 6 months!


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