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Review: Mary Kay's Foundation Primer Sunscreen

When I first tried this face primer at my Mary Kay party a couple of months ago I absolutely loved it. I thought I had finally found a primer to replace my Benefit "That Gal" primer. Over the past few months though I've found myself sticking firm to using my Benefit primer. Originally I had loved how satin smooth this primer made my skin feel, but now it's almost too satiny to the point that I feel like it's not covering my entire face and isn't accomplishing much. It feels as if the product soaks into the skin right upon contact and there isn't time to evenly distribute it. 

I'm still going to use the product and have hopes that I'll regain my initial love for it. The price is reasonable for how much product you get. 

What brands of face primers do you use?

xoxo Kayla

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