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Review: NYX Matte Lipsticks

If you read my recent NYX Haul post then you know how pumped I was to get these lipsticks. I'm only a fan of shimmer if I want it, not when I'm forced into it with most products. So these were definitely a great find for me, until I tried them.

I can't even explain how horrible they feel. They're super dry, apply on the lips horribly, and just are craptastic. I felt like a little kid again putting on all that crappy makeup you got in those cheap sets.

The only one I even remotely like is "Perfect Red" which isn't too bad but still dry and doesn't look quite right on my lips. "Hippie Chic" is the absolute worst out of all of these. It looks like a nice nude in the swatch, but on the lips it looks like I'm about to go out for Halloween or something as a creepy doll.

I'm disappointed. I had such high hopes for these babies and now I'm going through some serious buyer's remorse.

Do you know of any matte lipsticks that are good?

xoxo Kayla

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