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Taking it All Off: My Evening Routine

It kind of sucks that after all that effort to make your makeup look good you end up taking it off some hours later. Yet it has to be done and these three products are what I use to leave my skin clean and refreshed. An avid YouTube watcher myself, I know that most beauty gurus use quite a lot more products in the mornings and evenings, but I like a routine that's quick, simple, and gets the job done.

I've tried a number of different makeup removing cloths and I keep coming back to these babies. Not only are they way cheaper than most if not all wipes (you can get these 60 wipe packages in a set of two for a little over $5 from Walmart), they really work. What i like most about them is that they're wet, but not SUPER wet. I've used some wipes before that leave my face practically soaked after using them. These wipes get makeup off really well and anything that's left gets removed in my next step.

I've written a review about this product already on this site (which you can read here) and am still loving it. It's a gentle face wash that smells amazing and gets the rest of my makeup off. 

I have a review of this product coming up shortly on the site so I won't go into too much detail about it now and spoil the actual review. This is the final step of my evening routine and it restores any moisture I lost during the first two steps. 

In three steps my skin is makeup free and feeling moisturized (but not oily!). I brush my teeth, say goodnight to my cat Tardis, and go to bed!

What products do you use in your evening routine?

xoxo Kayla

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