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Review: Organix Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Root Boost Spray

Another hair care product review as my hair has been a big focus for me this month. An Ulta finally opened up near where I live and when I went to its grand opening, I had just gotten my hair cut right before. So my hair was definitely on my mind as I entered the store and made a beeline to the hair care section. After a lot of bottle reading and hooing and humming I decided to give this root boost spray a shot. After my lackluster experience with John Freida's Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow-Dry Lotion, I wasn't too optimistic.

The first thing I noticed about this spray is how unbelievably good it smells. When this amazing scent hit my nostrils I knew that even if the product didn't work, I'd use it just for the smell of it. It's such a unique smell I've never smelt before so it's even harder than usual for me to attempt to describe it. It's a wonderfully sweet scent, that's about all the description I can muster.

This spray is different from ones I've used before because you apply it after your hair is dry. It suggests applying throughout the day, but I put it in my hair right after blow-drying it. It's also different from volumizing sprays in the past because it actually does work. It's definitely not giving me insane volume, but there's a noticeable lift to my roots. It's not heavy or greasy and I wouldn't even know it was in my hair if I didn't catch a whiff of its amazing scent every once in a while.

I love this stuff. It works just well enough to restore my hope that there are products out there that can add volume to my fine hair. This brand has a number of other hair care products that I definitely want to try out in the future!

xoxo Kayla

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Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow-Dry Lotion

I started using this product a couple of months ago when I began my search for volume. I still had my very long hair back then, and I was hoping this product could help lift it at the roots. I used it a dozen or so times and couldn't see any results. The product didn't have a smell and came out in a fine mist, but after blowing drying my hair it seemed as if I hadn't put any product in it at all. 

I figured my hair was just too long for any product to help lift it up. So when I got my hair cut recently (read about it here), I gave this product another go. Still no noticeable increase in volume, even for my much shorter, lighter hair.

Overall this was just another hair product that just didn't work for me. If an volume did occur it wasn't easily noticeable after consistent use of the product. What a bummer. I was really hoping to have finally found my holy grail hair product.

What products do you use to add volume to your hair?

xoxo Kayla

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So I did a thing

If you know anything about me from my years on YouTube and my time beauty blogging, it's that I have some really long hair. I'd say it's my signature trademark: mermaid long locks that are silky smooth no matter what I do to it.

It's hard to explain what made me decide to donate 11 inches of my beloved hair to Children With Hair Loss, but I'll do my best to explain. I'm part of the Nerdfighter community on YouTube (you can watch a video that helps to explain this here). One of the "founders" of Nerdfighteria John Green is an author of some amazing books, one of which is about a girl who has cancer. This book (The Fault in Our Stars) is being made into a movie. The actress playing the main character had very long hair, but instead of wearing a wig in the movie, she decided to cut off her hair and donate it. Through this and a video John Green made (you can watch it here...John talks about the hair thing later in the video), tons of Nerdfighters are cutting their hair, donating it, and posting photos on Tumblr, Twitter, and other sites with the hashtag #hairforhazel.

After a week or so of looking at fellow Nerdfighters donating their hair I decided that I wanted to partake. So I did.

I completely love my new hair. Not only do I think it's more flattering to my personality, I also know that it's going to help children feel beautiful. If anyone has the ability to donate their hair, I strongly encourage them to. This is my second time donating, and I can't wait to do it again.

Have you ever donated your hair before?

xoxo Kayla

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Review: July Ipsy Glam Bag

Oh July's Glam Bag. After the excitement from June's bag, I wasn't too excited for July's. There was just something about it that left me disinterested. Not all the products were duds though! So here are my thoughts:

 Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray Conditioning & Texturizing Spray
I was very excited about this product when I first opened the July bag. But after numerous attempts at using this product it just didn't do anything to my hair. I was left with crunchy sort-of waves and it looked like I just didn't brush my hair for the day. I think this could be a good product for people with shorter hair since my long hair really is quite heavy. It just didn't work for me.

 Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in "Mai Tai"
Tied for my favorite product in the bag, this nail polish was completely fantastic. Incredibly pigmented and easy to use, "Mai Tai" was a very bright orangey-red color that looked awesome on the nails. Even though it was very pigmented I still recommend doing two coats (that's nothing new for most if not all nail polishes). I've never tried this brand before, and after looking at their prices on their website I understand why. I'm happy to have this in my collection and it's a color I didn't have before.

 COOLA Mineral Face SPF 20 Unscented Moisturizer
Sigh. This product had me so uninterested right from the start that I didn't even end up trying it. For being "unscented" it definitely had a weird smell to it that put me off of the product. I use BB Creams/Moisturizers with higher SPFs already and nothing about this product appealed to me. I'll be looking for a friend to give it to so it doesn't go to waste.

POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in "Coral Crush"
A "so-so" product from this month's bag that I didn't hate, but also wasn't crazy about. It worked as you would expect a lip crayon to, and it also has the traditional minty smell that lip crayons usually have. It wasn't all that moisturizing and didn't have a very good color pay-off on the lips either.

BH Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow Sample
The other favorite from this past month's bag. I loved this little sample palette and actually used all the colors (purple was quite the experiment for me). They were very pigmented and easy to use. There was a bit of fallout though, but nothing too catastrophic to make me not like using them. "San Francisco" is of course my favorite but "Malibu" was a nice change of pace. I look forward to continue using this little palette.

Overall this was probably my least favorite bag out of the one's I've gotten so far. Usually I like 3 out of the 5 products but this month only 2 really stuck with me. Throughout the month I found that I had to constantly remind myself to keep trying and using the products, something I hadn't had to do before this bag. I'm looking forward to August's bag and getting more excited about Ipsy again!

Do you subscribe to Ipsy? What did you think about your July bag?

xoxo Kayla
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Review: NYX Matte Nude Shadow in "Underneath it All"

NYX Nude Matte Eyshadow - "Underneath it All" $4.99

I picked up this single eye shadow on a whim while trying out different NYX products a few months ago. It's just the absolute perfect dark brown shadow for the outer corner of your eyes. It's my go-to dark shade for my every day eye looks. It's very pigmented and easy to blend into other shadows. It's deep, dark, and beautiful. A definite must have for anyone's collection. "Underneath it All" has me craving to add more of this line to my collection. I have nothing but great things to say about this little baby!

xoxo Kayla
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The Waxing Failure

After watching a few videos on YouTube about this product, I decided to give it a shot. Mind you, I've never gotten a wax and I've never given myself one. It seemed simple enough in the videos and I thought, "It can't be so hard!" 

It did not go well.

I followed the instructions carefully. I used the pre-wax wipes on my legs and let it sit for the directed 10 minutes before warming a strip up between my hands. Everything was going smoothly as I put the strip on my leg and let it sit for a bit. As soon as I tried to pull it off I knew something was terribly wrong. It didn't hurt beyond a slight tugging which was to be expected, but as I removed the strip a huge mass of wax was still firmly attached to my leg. I couldn't even tell if any hair had been removed.

I spent the next half hour or so panicking about how to get the wax off. This stuff was incredibly sticky. The kit included a liquid "after wax" that you could apply if necessary. My first attempt with a cotton pad proved foolish as it left a trail of white fluffies now also stuck to my leg. A wash cloth and nearly the entire bottle of the liquid managed to get the large rectangle of wax off my leg. The hair beneath the wax had stayed firmly on my legs.

I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I'm definitely not eager to give it another go. If you've used wax kits like this before, I'd definitely love some feedback and advice. I'm still incredibly embarrassed and debated back and forth if I wanted to share this fail on my blog. But stuff like this happens all the time and I would hate to give off the impression that I'm a pro at all things beauty and fashion. So there it is, my waxing failure!

xoxo Kayla
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L'Oréal EverStrong Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

I have quite a lot of hair. It's long and very heavy. So volume is a thing of the past for me and something I've been trying to find once again. I heard Essiebutton on YouTube rant and rave about L'Oréal's "EverRiche" line and of course I got curious. She's my go-to guru for advice and whatever she loves I make a point to at least check out. When I was in the aisle of the store though, I discovered another Sulfate-free option that sparked my interest and appeared to be a potential answer to my search for volume.

The line claims to strengthen weak hair to give thicker locks in a matter of weeks. The smell of this stuff is surprisingly amazing. It's not what you expect, but an earthy, natural scent that I instantly fell in love with. The packaging also has me really excited. I'm used to large, bulky plastic containers that lack any style. There's something about the deep emerald shade and style of these containers that has me all giddy. Plus I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze the last bits of product from these containers when I reach their end.

 I'm eager to give this new shampoo and conditioner a shot. It's been quite a long time since I've really switched up my routine in the shower.

What's your favorite shampoo/conditioner?

xoxo Kayla
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My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Blogs

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing beauty blogs. I by no means think I'm an expert in makeup or beauty products, so I love reading other much more experienced women's opinions on products. Plus it's a great way to learn about new products. Keep in mind, these blogs will make you want to run out to the store or open another tab in your browser and buy ALL the things.

Here are my Top 5 Favorite Beauty Blogs:

5. Gh0stparties

One of the main things I love about gh0stparties is the amazing photographs. The site definitely inspires me to pick up my camera and spend hours doing product shots. The format of the blog is set up a lot differently than most, which makes it easier to scroll through a lot of content at one time. She uses a variety of high end and drugstore products so her site is more relate-able than most (you can actually purchase some of the things she talks about without going broke).

4. I Covet Thee

Another blog with amazing photographs, I just find myself back on I Covet Thee time and time again. Alix makes YouTube videos as well, but I rarely watch the videos of beauty bloggers (No idea why I do this. I probably should just start watching their videos!) Her photography is amazing and her write-ups are super easy to read. 

3. ShannonLeiMUA

I just love this girl. We've talked a few times on her blog and in the comments of her YouTube channel, and she's nothing but sweet. I've also noticed she takes a lot of effort to answer every comment. She uses a lot of drugstore products, but with higher end ones thrown in. She's one of the few that I watch on YouTube, and her videos are awesome. She does a lot of product comparison videos that are really helpful. She also post frequently, so for a junkie like me I get my fix almost daily!  

2. Milkteef

Milkteef introduced me to the wonders of a product directory. If you haven't seen mine, you can check it out here, but it makes it unbelievably easy to find information on a particular product rather than scrolling through countless posts. Milkteef also has amazing self shots that really help you to see a product (usually lipstick) in action. It's a super easy site to navigate and before you know it you're reading posts from 2010 and half the day has flown by. I often go to this blog for inspiration, and she's the that introduced me to my love and soul mate, Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Lipsticks.

1. Essiebutton

Oh Essiebutton. I originally found Estée on YouTube and checked out her blog after falling madly in girl-love with her. She's hilarious, down-to-earth, and a whiz when it comes to beauty products. The things she knows just amaze me. She talks about a lot of high-end products, but still has posts about drugstore products. If anyone could make me spend copious amounts of money on fancy products, it would be Essiebutton. She's wonderful, and by far my favorite blogger. 

So if you have a free afternoon, explore some beauty blogs and fall in love! If you check out any of these lovely ladies' sites, let them know MicroscopeBeauty sent you ( :

xoxo Kayla

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Moving Makeup

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
NYC Bronzing Powder in "Sunny"
Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in "Barely Branded"
Maybelline "The Rocket" Volum' Express Mascara
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil

Moving means long days of packing and then unpacking, so my makeup wasn't super high on my priorities list. I gravitated more towards a very natural, "not wearing makeup" makeup look. There were a lot of nights with very little sleep, and this combination of products really helped to make me look awake and to take away my dark circles. 
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Moving Mayhem

So content on this site has definitely slowed to practically as stand still. I've been in the process of moving apartments and there just hasn't been any time to sit down and write a really good post. Mostly because all of my beauty products have been packed away and I've been using the bare minimum on my face for the past week. Not to fear though! Posts will be starting back up this week!

xoxo Kayla
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