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My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Blogs

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing beauty blogs. I by no means think I'm an expert in makeup or beauty products, so I love reading other much more experienced women's opinions on products. Plus it's a great way to learn about new products. Keep in mind, these blogs will make you want to run out to the store or open another tab in your browser and buy ALL the things.

Here are my Top 5 Favorite Beauty Blogs:

5. Gh0stparties

One of the main things I love about gh0stparties is the amazing photographs. The site definitely inspires me to pick up my camera and spend hours doing product shots. The format of the blog is set up a lot differently than most, which makes it easier to scroll through a lot of content at one time. She uses a variety of high end and drugstore products so her site is more relate-able than most (you can actually purchase some of the things she talks about without going broke).

4. I Covet Thee

Another blog with amazing photographs, I just find myself back on I Covet Thee time and time again. Alix makes YouTube videos as well, but I rarely watch the videos of beauty bloggers (No idea why I do this. I probably should just start watching their videos!) Her photography is amazing and her write-ups are super easy to read. 

3. ShannonLeiMUA

I just love this girl. We've talked a few times on her blog and in the comments of her YouTube channel, and she's nothing but sweet. I've also noticed she takes a lot of effort to answer every comment. She uses a lot of drugstore products, but with higher end ones thrown in. She's one of the few that I watch on YouTube, and her videos are awesome. She does a lot of product comparison videos that are really helpful. She also post frequently, so for a junkie like me I get my fix almost daily!  

2. Milkteef

Milkteef introduced me to the wonders of a product directory. If you haven't seen mine, you can check it out here, but it makes it unbelievably easy to find information on a particular product rather than scrolling through countless posts. Milkteef also has amazing self shots that really help you to see a product (usually lipstick) in action. It's a super easy site to navigate and before you know it you're reading posts from 2010 and half the day has flown by. I often go to this blog for inspiration, and she's the that introduced me to my love and soul mate, Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Lipsticks.

1. Essiebutton

Oh Essiebutton. I originally found Estée on YouTube and checked out her blog after falling madly in girl-love with her. She's hilarious, down-to-earth, and a whiz when it comes to beauty products. The things she knows just amaze me. She talks about a lot of high-end products, but still has posts about drugstore products. If anyone could make me spend copious amounts of money on fancy products, it would be Essiebutton. She's wonderful, and by far my favorite blogger. 

So if you have a free afternoon, explore some beauty blogs and fall in love! If you check out any of these lovely ladies' sites, let them know MicroscopeBeauty sent you ( :

xoxo Kayla

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I love knowing what other bloggers are reading! I've never heard of Shannon's blog before, will check her out! xx


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