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So I did a thing

If you know anything about me from my years on YouTube and my time beauty blogging, it's that I have some really long hair. I'd say it's my signature trademark: mermaid long locks that are silky smooth no matter what I do to it.

It's hard to explain what made me decide to donate 11 inches of my beloved hair to Children With Hair Loss, but I'll do my best to explain. I'm part of the Nerdfighter community on YouTube (you can watch a video that helps to explain this here). One of the "founders" of Nerdfighteria John Green is an author of some amazing books, one of which is about a girl who has cancer. This book (The Fault in Our Stars) is being made into a movie. The actress playing the main character had very long hair, but instead of wearing a wig in the movie, she decided to cut off her hair and donate it. Through this and a video John Green made (you can watch it here...John talks about the hair thing later in the video), tons of Nerdfighters are cutting their hair, donating it, and posting photos on Tumblr, Twitter, and other sites with the hashtag #hairforhazel.

After a week or so of looking at fellow Nerdfighters donating their hair I decided that I wanted to partake. So I did.

I completely love my new hair. Not only do I think it's more flattering to my personality, I also know that it's going to help children feel beautiful. If anyone has the ability to donate their hair, I strongly encourage them to. This is my second time donating, and I can't wait to do it again.

Have you ever donated your hair before?

xoxo Kayla

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