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Review: The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

I've said many times before that my favorite beauty guru Essiebutton is the source of the majority of my desire to try new products. She's always introducing me to new things I instantly have to have. So is the case with The Body Shop, a brand I had never heard of before she mentioned it. I'd describe it as a way better Bath and Body Works. It's also more expensive. I had been avoiding any purchase from the brand just because I couldn't justify spending the money on some lotions. 

I was at Ulta the other day when I saw that they sold smaller "sample" sizes of the body butters I've been eyeing for weeks. I could justify $5 much easier than $19, so I picked up the coconut one. It's glorious. It's rich, creamy, and smells like you've been relaxing on the beach on some tropical island surrounded by coconuts. There is also quite a lot of product in the little container. 

It's on the heavier side of body butters and takes a bit of time to really sink into the skin, but it's definitely worth the wait. I feel like I'm treating myself to a fancy spa experience when I put this stuff on my hands (which have been unusually dry lately) or body. I'm incredibly happy that I gave The Body Shop a shot. Now I just have to be careful and not buy up everything from the brand!

Have you tried any Body Shop products before??

xoxo Kayla

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