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The Battle of the BB Creams

Ah BB creams. I remember when there was huge hype over this product when it first hit America a year or two ago. Meaning "Beauty Balm," everyone was talking about these guys. Of course being very behind on the times, I'm talking about them now. I have good reason though (besides the fact that this website didn't exist when BB creams became a thing) for talking about them now. Recently beauty companies have started releasing CC creams. I honestly believe if we wait long enough they'll bring out DD creams or something next. When the CC cream craze started up I decided I wouldn't hope on the CC train, but rather return to my BB creams and really give them a good ol' critical look.

I've picked up three different BB creams over the years and they're all alarmingly different. Which is another reason I don't want to venture into the world of CC creams. BB creams are hard enough, I don't need to be falling down the rabbit hole with another cream type. I also wear BB creams instead of foundation as my skin is remarkably clear of blemishes (except for today of course). I like using BB creams because they're much lighter than foundation and sink well into my skin. They give me a nice canvas to work with while making my skin look like I'm not wearing anything. So here are my thoughts on these three different BB creams (all of which are in the fairest shade offered) as well as proclaiming which one is my favorite.

Rimmel BB Cream
This was the last BB cream I've purchased out of the three. It's also the darkest of the three (see the left blob on the last photo) which makes it a good BB cream for summer. I can really tell when I'm wearing this BB cream as it doesn't seem to soak completely into my skin. There's a slight sheen that is easy to cover up with a powder, but sometimes emerges during the day. I'm not one for re-applying powder during the day so this one I tend to avoid.

Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream
I've had this BB Cream the longest. I picked it up almost immediately after hearing word about BB creams and I've gravitated to it ever since. It's almost a perfect match to my skin tone and leaves my skin looking dewy rather than shiny like Rimmel's cream. I'm all about looking dewy so this one is great!

Olay Fresh Effects Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer
The second addition to the collection, this one falls in between the other two on the sheen spectrum. It's not as oily as Rimmel but is shinier than Revlon after a few hours. This cream also has a slight sunblock smell to it. I don't necessarily mind it, but it's scent is much more noticeable than the others which I don't think have scents. It's also the lightest shade, but it blends in easily and the lightness doesn't seem to affect anything.

My favorite would definitely have to be the Revlon BB Cream. It provides the coverage I like while giving me a dewy, healthy look. It matches really well to my skin tone regardless of if I'm tan or not. Maybe one day I'll venture into the world of CC Cream to see what it's all about, but for now I'm content with stay farther up the alphabet.

Have you tried BB Creams before? Which one is your favorite?

xoxo Kayla

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