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Current Beauty Wishlist #1

Being so busy lately I haven't had the opportunity to do much shopping of beauty products. So my wishlist has continued to grow and has me itching to get these products.

Oh M.A.C. how I love you yet have never experienced your brillence. I've had this lipstick and the other one below on my wishlist for months. I'm getting to the point where I just need to buy them, but I am terrified of falling in love and my wallet being screwed! This lipstick is a very subtle maple mauve color that looks amazing on everyone who wears it (I've looked at a LOT of photos). It's just lovely!

My under-eye circles. Ugh. I can't rant enough about how much I dislike that area on my face! I've heard great things about the Origins brand and have been eyeing (wink wink, nudge nudge) this product for a while. I'm not sure I want to spend so much money on a eye cream though when there's no guarantee of anything happening. So it'll remain on my wishlist for a while longer while I make up my mind.

I stumbled upon this polish randomly and can't stop thinking about it. This baby screams autumn. I just love the gold-orange glow and its eye-catching quality. I want it!

I've been hearing a lot of talk on the YouTubes about the Sleek brand and I finally got to the point where I went to their website to check things out. They have some really great palette combinations and aren't very expensive. I'm all about new palettes so any excuse for a new one I'll take it. I've been really into using purple eye shadows lately, so this palette appealed to me above the others. I also like that there are still neutral shades!

My love of fall may have gone a little overboard with this one. I also have a weird obsession with the color orange so when I saw this guy I disregarded its ostentatious quality immediately and opted to love it unconditionally. I feel like this polish would look awesome underneath "Electrify".

Another M.A.C. polish that I really just need to by. Coral is such a flattering color and I've heard really great reviews about this one!

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  1. Japanese Maple looks like an amazing color. Sleek palette looks good too! When I was in London I tried so desperately to get some sleek products but couldn't find them at any off the Boots I went to!! Boo!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee


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