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My Favorite Beauty Blogs #2

It's been two months since I posted my Top 5 Favorite Beauty Blogs post. Since then I've done quite a lot of browsing on Bloglovin' and have found a number of new blogs that I just can't go a day without checking up on. So I figured I would make this post a more regular thing to showcase my beauty blogs I've been loving lately. If you go check out their sites, tell them I sent you!

We Were Raised By Wolves

I really like this blog because she talks about a lot of different products that other bloggers don't seem to write about. Her photography is wonderful and she has a lot of unique types of posts. It's just a good blog to have part of your bloglovin' feed.

But first, coffee

Kallie is a complete sweetheart and has a super amazing blog that I find really easy to relate to. There are always those blogs out there that you read but know you'll never buy the products they're talk about. She's definitely not one of those types plus she posts inspirational things that are always a good plus. I just love her and her blog to pieces.


Her photography sold me instantly. So completely wonderful in a minimalist way that has the ideas and inspiration flowing in my brain whenever I look at her site. The blog is also incredibly consistent in a way that's just relaxing to read and before I know it I'm twenty posts in and don't know what time it is.

Lily Pebbles

I've been reading Lily's blog for quite a while and it's just one of those nice well-rounded blogs. Her makeup style is very reflective of my own so any makeup routine posts I devour almost immediately. Plus she's gorgeous.

Bow Tied Beauty

This blog talks a lot about natural skincare, something I have definitely been getting interested in (hell just skincare in general). The photos are these lovely vintage looking works of art that I find myself just staring at in awe quite often.

So if you have a free afternoon, explore some beauty blogs and fall in love! If you check out any of these lovely ladies' sites, let them know Kayla from MicroscopeBeauty sent you ( :

xoxo Kayla


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog :) I will definitely be checking out the others you've mentioned! x

  2. Thank you for mentioning me, made me happy reading that! I follow Bow Tied Beauty and Lily Pebbles already, so I'll definitely check out the others :) x


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