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New Polish Additions

So I may have gone a bit polish crazy in the last week or so (actually I went shopping crazy in general which you shall see soon when the orders come in). Once I picked up the two polishes from Essie's fall collection (post here), I couldn't be stopped.

You may recognize two of these polishes from a recent current wishlist post  They definitely didn't stay on the wishlist for long! I found myself browsing amazon looking for a good deal on them (I didn't end up paying the above sticker price at all!). "Electrify" is such an amazing glitter polish, but definitely needs to have another polish beneath it to really get the full effect of it. Silly me had no idea it came from the Hunger Games collection from 2012. It's such a unique shade that I'm super jazzed to have in my collection. "Orange, It's Obvious!" followed "Electrify" in to my basket pretty quickly.

The other three Essie polishes were purchased during one of those days from Hell you just want to be over as soon as they began. I ran a very late errand to the grocery store to pick up my cat Tardis some cat food since he was completely out and very hungry. I soon found myself in the nail polish aisle eyeing "Wrapped in Rubies" and "Damsel in a Dress" to help flesh out my pretty small collection of fall nail polish shades. As I was leaving the aisle my eye caught "Mojito Madness" and I just can't say no to a minty green shade.

Which color is your favorite?

xoxo Kayla

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