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The 60 Day No Beauty Buy: Day 1

So I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. Like, a lot. More than I've ever done before it seems like. I just couldn't help myself! All these amazing products and money in the bank to afford them. That is until I bought so many new things that my bank account started looking sadder and sadder. A recent trip to Chicago (more about that and a video on my YouTube channel soon to follow) was the breaking point and I've decided I had to cool my jets for a while.

Thus begins The 60 Day No Beauty Buy. For 60 days I will (try really hard) not to buy any new beauty products or makeup except for refilling must have products (like shampoo and toothpaste). Every 10 days I'll post about how things are going, what struggles I'm facing, etc. and to have you guys help keep me honest!

So let the no beauty buy begin!

xoxo Kayla

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