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Bath & Body Works Candle Sale!

I've determined if I find a deal I just can't pass up, I'm going to share it with all of you just in case! I haven't been one to go crazy over Bath & Body Works Candles, but I've picked up a few and very much enjoy them. I was interested in trying some of the winter scents but haven't gotten the chance to go to the store and sniff any of them. When I saw the deal to get 2 for $22 my interest was peaked, but then if you use the code MIDNIGHT10 you get $10 off your $30 purchase and free shipping. So I took the chance and went with names of candles I'm sure I'll like without giving them a good smell. I'm a little worried, but I walked away with four candles for a little over $35 when I would have had to have paid upwards of $80 without any sales or discounts!

So if you like candles, use MIDNIGHT10 and get some now before the deal is gone!!!

xoxo Kayla

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