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Chicago Beauty Haul Part Three: LUSH

This is the final installment of my three part Chicago Beauty Haul series (read part one here and part two here). We don't have a LUSH anywhere near where I live so as soon as I found out Chicago hosted a LUSH I just had to go.I  went into LUSH with one thing in mind: find a lip scrub. I had tried the Popcorn one a number of months prior and just couldn't like it. There was just something about it that turned me off of it. I knew LUSH made two other scrubs so I quickly went over to the counter to give them a go. Mint Julips was the easy winner. The minty smell and taste isn't super overpowering which I desperately like in lip products. I already love this stuff to pieces. It works. And for someone like me who bites their lips when nervous, I desperately needed something to combat my awful looking lips.

The other purchases just sort of happened. As soon as I saw the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb it was in my basket before I could blink. I used this for the first time last year and it changed my world. The little golden present when put into the bath turns the water a wonderful dark blue color with little frothy clouds and silver stars. I was completely shocked and amazed last year and I'm sure I will be the same this year.

I had looked online for the Halloween bath stuff this year since I have never tried them and both the Pumkin Bubble Bar and the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb were sold out when I looked. So when I spotted them in store, I just had to have them. I'm excited to try them and really don't know much about what they're said to do. The hype over them being Halloween additions was convincing enough.

Let me know if you're interested in a review of any of the products from any of the three parts of my Chicago Haul. Clearly after this haul I really did need that 60 Day No Beauty Buy!

xoxo Kayla


  1. The Pumpkin Bubble Bar is so cute - I think I'll have to purchase if I go into Lush, which will probably happen soon :p x

    1. It smells completely amazing too. It's very light and wonderful! I used half of it in the bath yesterday and didn't want to get out.


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