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Current Beauty Wishlist #2

One of the best ways I've been able to combat not buying anything lately is by putting anything and everything I could possibly want to get onto a list. Writing it on the list makes me feel like I'm one step closer to actually owning it without actually owning it (weird I know). It seems to be working, but my lists just keep getting longer and longer. Here are just a few new desires from that list.

I've read about this pretty expensive shampoo on a number of different blogging sites. One reason that I'm even considering purchasing it is the fact that I would only use it once a week (likely on Sundays) so it'll last quite a while. It's said to remove all the grimy build-up from days of heavy hair product use (something I've started doing more) and any other nasty stuff that gets into your hair on a day to day basis. I like the idea of a shampoo that purifies my hair to keep it clean and healthy.

I've been hearing a lot about these babies since they recently hit the drugstore. I'm not one for lipgloss, but this product definitely has been calling to me. It seems much more pigmented than the average lip gloss, so I'm interested to give it a shot. "Mauve Mystique" was my immediate favorite from the shade choices as it's very close to my natural lip color. I've been on this kick of getting "my lips, but better" shades lately.

My skincare addiction doesn't seem to have an end in sight any time soon. Essiebutton recently made a video about this mask (and others) which confirmed my suspicions that it's something I would want. My skin has been getting spotty and dry lately, so I really think this product can help clean out the pores and get my skin back to normal.

Yet another face mask. I can't help myself! I've had my eye on this guy for months and it goes in and out of my online shopping basket as I fight with myself trying not to spend money right now when I need to be saving for the holidays. The fact that it's a gel mask has my interest peaked even more. 

I currently only use one facial cleanser and I like having a few different options within a category to not allow my skin to get used to one product in particular. I like to switch it up every once and a while. This face polisher is for brightening, something my skin desperately needs. 

What products have you been lusting for lately?

xoxo Kayla

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