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Holiday Non-Beauty Wishlist

This wishlist was a lot harder to make than the beauty wishlist. I literally had to stop putting things on that list. However after a few minutes on ModCloth I had found a number of different adorable things I would love to have!

I love baking. And foxes. This apron is just too adorable. I've been looking at aprons for a couple of months now but hadn't found one I really liked until I spotted this one. 

One of my biggest problems with writing is trying to figure out what to write about. This book seems really awesome in helping promote creativity and writing. 

This bag. Holy crap do I love this bag. It's so beautiful and well structured. It screams preppy chic and I want it in my life. for $85 though I doubt I'll ever see this beauty in real life, but it's nice to dream!

I am not one for mustard color dresses, but this one is a huge exception. The collar detailing is unbelievably beautiful and I can just imagine this dress fitting amazingly well. It's definitely a unique statement dress unlike anything I've seen.

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, so when I saw this ornament in the gifts section I had to include it. Who wouldn't want a dalek on their tree?

Like I said before I'm an avid baker. The concept of this book really interests me. It's all about different ways to make the classic chocolate chip cookie. I'm definitely intrigued!

What's on your wishlist this year??

xoxo Kayla

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