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My Favorite Beauty Blogs #3

I started to get the feeling that a new Favorite Beauty Blogs post was in order and it's almost been exactly one month since my last post. So I think I'll make this a monthly occurrence depending on the number of new blogs I discover (there has been tons this past month). So here are some amazingly wonderful blogs created by some fantastic women.  


A new blog find this past month that caught my attention with this post about saving money when you're a blogger or shopping addicted. Any motivation to help me keep on my no beauty buy is welcomed! Once I read that post I found myself an hour later still reading. Her photos are amazing, her writing engaging, and her self photos showing off lip products are done amazingly well. That's something I still struggle with so seeing how she does it helps me get ideas and figure out ways to improve.


Another new find that I've enjoyed reading this past month. Amy reviews a lot of products I'm familiar with so it makes me feel like I'm not a complete ignorant dweeb. Her photo style is also really unique and different from the other blogs I read. Some variation is good and she definitely does that!


Lauren's photography. Swoon. No matter what the post is about I immediately click through the bloglovin' link to look at her photographs. The backgrounds are relevant and engaging. I just don't get bored on her site and end up reading posts that are months old before I realize what I'm doing. Her product choices are amazing, which doesn't help in the saving money department since I end up wanting to buy everything!

Girl with Makeup

A very new blog added to my bloglovin' feed, I can already tell it's going to cause trouble for my wallet. Emma's recent MAC lipstick post had me craving a new one for my collection. I promptly went out and got "Plumful" and am all sorts of happy. She shares a lot of the same product interests as I do and her photography is to die for. Apparently I am easily smitten with good photography when it comes to blogs, but it's important!

Style & Splurging

First off, Charlotte is one amazingly interesting person. She and I have had quite the extensive email conversation going and I just love her. Her blog reflects just how amazing she is. I trust her reviews and she talks about products that are interesting to me or something I would be interested in. I can't say enough good things about her!!

So if you have a free afternoon, explore some beauty blogs and fall in love! If you check out any of these lovely ladies' sites, let them know Kayla from MicroscopeBeauty sent you ( :

xoxo Kayla


  1. Thanks for mentioning me, was a lovely tweet and post to come home too xx

    Amy / srslylou

  2. Thank you so much that's so nice! Glad I've found your blog :) x

  3. I've also discovered some new blogs too so thank you!

  4. Replies
    1. I find myself constantly hunting for new blogs almost weekly, so I definitely fall in love with a fair few!


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