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The 60 Day No Beauty Buy: Day 10

So before I get into talking about how my first 10 days of my No Beauty Buy is going, I just want to declare that I picked the WORST possible time of year to attempt to not buy any new products. It's gift set season and the deals just keep on coming and will continue into Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I don't think I'm strong enough to resist.

One of the main things I've noticed in these past 10 days is that I subscribe to a lot of emails from companies. Those emails get me every time so as soon as I see them I try to quickly delete them so as to not get pulled in. If I do see something I would love to purchase, I've been adding it to an ever growing list of products I want to get (if you're interested in more current wishlists let me know) in the hopes to curb my desire to buy it right away. It's been working fairly well. I also read a LOT of beauty blogs. It's one of my favorite past times so I'm faced with tons of amazing beauty finds and buys everyday so trying to refrain from buying things has been a challenge.

This is going to be a lot harder than I expected it would be. I definitely over-estimated my ability to cool it on the beauty buying front. We shall see what happens in the days to come.

xoxo Kayla

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