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The 60 Day No Beauty Buy: Day 30

I am insanely impressed with how I did these past 10 days since my last update *toots own horn*. Mostly because I've had a tab open on my laptop for weeks with an order from REN, and I haven't clicked purchase yet. I still remember the days when I could order things online that didn't total over $50, but that's definitely a thing of the past these days. I desperately want those REN products, and I technically made the No Beauty Buy just about makeup, but I'm trying to practice some self-restraint. So far so good.

However Black Friday is fast approaching, and I keep seeing amazing beauty deals that have me itching to abandon all restraint and go crazy. They are just so tempting!! I will be buying beauty gifts for friends and sorority sisters, but I just need to try really hard to keep an eye on the personal spending.

Over the past couple of weeks I've come up with a method I think will help me in keeping an eye on my beauty spending. I've decided I want to open another checking account apart from the checking and savings accounts I already have, that is strictly for frivolous beauty/fashion related purposes. That way I'll know exactly how much money I have to spend and won't see my "need to have to survive and eat" balance and think I have more to spend then I do.

What ways do you keep track of your spending? I'm always curious to learn different methods and strategies!

xoxo Kayla

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