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The Fab Five: Pink Nail Polish

Left to Right
Essie's "The Girls Are Out" $8.50
China Glaze's "Diva Bride" $5.49
Flower's "May Flowers" $4.98
China Glaze's "Flip Flop Fantasy" $5.49
Essie's "Mamba" $8.50

Back with another Fab Five post (read the first one)! This one featuring my top five pink nail polish picks. It took me a while to get into wearing pink nail polish, but once I got my first taste (on accident), the rest was history! Essie's "The Girls Are Out" is your typical hot pink polish, with a twist. There is tons of silver glitter packed into this small bottle, and the shade looks amazing on the nails. It's definitely a summer color though as it is one of the brightest polishes I own. The next polish is on the complete other side of the pink spectrum. China Glaze's "Diva Bride" reminds me more of ballet slippers than a bride. It's a soft pink that takes a few coats to really show up on the nail, but its worth the effort. This polish is my ideal date night polish. It's feminine and just wonderful. Flower's "May Flowers" is a middle of the road pink. The polish applies really well and has average staying power. It's more matte (if that's a thing) than the other polishes as it doesn't contain any glitter. China Glaze's "Flip Flop Fantasy" was my first experience with pink polish and like I said previously, it was a complete mistake. I had ordered another polish from amazon and this baby showed up in its place. The company sent me the right polish and let me keep this one. This polish takes matte to a whole new level. It dries without any shine and took a while to get used to. It's quite bright, but leans a bit on the orangey side. Finally Essie's "Mamba" is my favorite of all the pink polishes. There's just something about its subtle salmon shade that makes me all sorts of happy inside.

What are your favorite pink polish?

xoxo Kayla

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