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The Fab Five: Purple Nail Polish

From Left to Right
Avon's "Midnight Plum" $6
Essie's "Full Steam Ahead" $8.50
Rimmel's "Wild Orchid" $1.99
China Glaze's "Spontaneous" $6.29
Essie's "Damsel in a Dress" $8.50

This is a new type of post I've decided to start doing where I feature five products within a category. The first of these "Fab Five" posts will be all about nail polish!

I don't know what it is but this fall I've been all about the purples. I seem to have collected quite the collection and had some trouble picking just five because I have such a wide range of shades within the color category. First up is Avon's "Midnight Plum", the darkest shade in my collection. It appears almost black on the nails until light hits it in just the right way. The application is fairly pigmented but I definitely think you have to apply two coats to get the opaque look I'm sure you're going for. On the other side of the spectrum is Essie's "Full Steam Ahead". This lavender shade I picked up when Essie's Naughty Nautical Summer 2013 Collection came out. It has little silver pieces of glitter that just radiate in the light and it's such a wonderful shade that will transition well into winter. Next up is Rimmel's "Wild Orchid". Besides this being an amazing light violet shade, I have to rant about the brush for a minute. It's amazing! It's thick and flat and puts just the right amount of product on the nail in a very opaque easy to apply coat. Another staple that should be in anyone's nail polish collection is China Glaze's "Spontaneous". When I think of purple I see this color. It's opaque after one coat but out of habit I always do two. It's matte but has a light sheen to it. Finally, if you've been reading my other posts lately, you know I'm just nuts about Essie's "Damsel in a Dress". It's a lovely mix between a deep plum and a maroon shade that transitions depending on what light you're in. It's a statement nail color that always gets attention when I wear it!

What are your favorite purple nail polishes?

xoxo Kayla

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