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Maybelline Color Elixirs by Color Sensational

Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational in "Mauve Mystique" $8.99

I have been eyeing these babies since they came out, but managed to stay away from them when I was loyal to my No Beauty Buy. As soon as I started slipping on my spending ban, these two shades were in my cart and out the door within days. I've never been one to jump at getting a lip gloss, but I just couldn't help but lust after these. I instantly knew I wanted to get "Mauve Mystique", but for some odd reason I find myself picking up two different shades of a lip product when there's a new release. I think it's because I like to give it an honest go and so much can go wrong with only picking one. The color might not be right for me, or I might pick up a dud, so I always get two...or at least those are the reasons I tell myself. So in the spirit of an honest review, I also picked up "Rose Redefined".

As expected, "Mauve Mystique" (bottom lip photo) is my favorite of the two as my lips have a naturally dark, mauve tint to them. It's not as mauve-y as I expected though which has me a bit bummed. From the look of the packaging I expected much more of a purple affect, but they still are just a deep pink tone. "Rose Redefined" is much lighter on the lips but still is close enough to my lip tone to look natural.

As for consistency, the glosses are thick but not overly thick. You definitely know you're wearing them, but they aren't sticky, which is the main reason I tend to avoid lip glosses. They don't have the greatest staying power on me, but I tend to rub my lips together and don't mind reapplying throughout the day. I have a feeling they would last quite nicely on people who just leave their lips alone and aren't nibblers like myself. I also completely love the applicator. It feels like nothing I've ever used on my lips before and you can really tell it's getting the product on there (maybe why the gloss is able to go on so thick?). Their triangle shape is a stroke of genius and after one swipe my lips are almost perfectly coated.

Have you picked up a Color Elixir yet? What is your favorite shade?

xoxo Kayla  

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