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2014 Beauty Resolutions

I've always been a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. I know a good chunk of people find them silly and often say, "Why do you have to wait for the new year to make changes?! Just do them now!" I just like the fact that there's a designated time of year to remind myself to reflect on what has happened, and to plan for the future. I'm someone who loves making goals and lists, so of course I'm on board for New Year's Resolutions! Here are my beauty resolutions for 2014.

Use More Samples
I have way too many beauty samples piling up in one of my makeup drawers. All sorts of samples too. I resolve to start using them up much more frequently, and have a few ideas for types of posts I can do once I'm done with them.

Refocus on Skincare
I've really gotten into skincare the past few months but with the holiday cruise it went to the wayside. My skin is definitely paying for it now. My goal is to thoroughly clean my face and moisturize every night and when I get used to that routine, I want to start focusing on a morning skincare routine. It's difficult to squeeze it in right now with my work schedule, but I definitely want to do it this year!

Explore My Collection
I seemed to have procured quite the beauty stash since the start of this site earlier in 2013. I keep looking towards new products and purchases rather than exploring the collection I already have. For 2014 I want to dig through my makeup to find hidden gems, new combinations, and products I've completely forgotten about.

Go Bold
I rarely venture away from the natural, neutral makeup look, but this year I want to start going a bit more bold. I've gained a lot more confidence in my makeup applying abilities and see a fantastic smokey eye look in my future. Now I just have to get the nerve to give it a shot!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

xoxo Kayla

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  1. These are some great resolutions. I really want to get more into skincare products this year :)


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