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Blogging Tip #1: Staying Organized

I recently had a friend approach me asking for help starting a lifestyle blog. She said her biggest problem in the past has been keeping with it, so I thought I'd write up a post about my #1 blogging tip to help her and others out there who struggle with constantly posting.

For me, consistent blogging is all about planning ahead. I use the Sugar Paper Large Classic Casebound Planner in Black ($19.99) from Target as my primary planner. If you want to see my photos and the layout of the planner, I devoted an entire post to it. I use the weekly views for work and general life happenings, but I use the month view strictly for blogging and YouTube. At the start of every week I sit down and figure out what posts I'm going to write (the items in purple in the last photo). I like to post daily on my blog, but YouTube is much less frequent. I make all my decisions usually on Saturdays, and then use Sundays to take the photos or film the videos for that week.

If I'm really on my game, I'm able to schedule a week's worth of finished posts within the first few days of the week. That way I can work on more detailed posts without feeling rushed or worried about not getting content up.

The best advice I can give about staying organized is to make sure you look at your planner. It doesn't do anything to write all this stuff down if you don't constantly refer back to it. I probably look at my planner a minimum of ten times a day. We're best friends, and he keeps me on track and keeps the blog posts coming.

I also have a separate notebook (the floral one in the top photo) that I use for blog ideas, video ideas, and anything else that may pop into my head. Having a place where you put all your ideas makes remembering things easier. Having just one place where you put everything also makes it easy to find ideas again. I used to have the hardest time locating the ideas I knew I had because I kept them all over the place. 

I hope this helps you if your New Year's resolution is to post more frequently, or helps you just in general to get more organized!

What advice would you give to stay organized?

xoxo Kayla 


  1. my biggest downfall is not being organised which ends up in long periods without posts on the blog. In 2014 i've bought a notebook and I just jot down all the ideas and posts I want to get up. I personally dont like scheduling posts, even though I'd definitely benefit from doing so, as i think it takes the fun away!

    1. A notebook for ideas will definitely help!

      I think scheduling posts have a time and place too. For me I work a full time job and when I get home lighting is always terrible. I usually take photos for all my posts during the weekend and then just work on posts when I have some free time. Sometimes that means I can write all the posts on the weekend, so I schedule them and tweak things during the week.

  2. I have a planner and notebook for my b/vlogging stuff too. I got it at Barnes & Noble.

    RIKKI //

  3. Planning is definitely my biggest downfall when it comes to blogging. I think I need to make friends with the schedule button!
    I really like that planner idea thou! I may need to invest in one of those myself :)

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

    ps. I really like your blog x


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