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Haul: TheBalm Cosmetics

Back near the end of November I posted about a sale on Hautelook where theBalm products were 50% off. After a lot of waiting, one online customer service chat to figure out why it was taking so long, and a lesson in patience later, my order finally arrived. Let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait. I'm no longer entirely sure how much I paid for them, but I'll just include the original prices with the links to the products since the sale is no longer going on. 

The main motivation behind placing the order in the first place was to finally get my hands on the NUDE'tude Palette ($36). I've lusted over this for months after seeing it in an EssieButton video (I swear that girl is going to make me broke). I can already tell that this palette is quite the addition to my collection. It has pink shades like "Stubborn" and "Stand-offish" that are unlike any other shadows I own and actually call to me to try them out. The fast favorite though has to be "Seductive". It's the perfect soft shimmer bronze color I know and love.

I've heard a lot of mixed reviews over the Mary-Lou Manizer ($24) and the discount gave me the perfect opportunity to see exactly what I think about this highlighter. The packaging alone has me staring at it in my makeup drawer. I'm a sucker for some good packaging, hence the unstoppable draw towards Benefit products. The large mirror is definitely an instant win. It's darker than the other highlighters I own, but when I swiped it on my skin the first time it blends in nicely but packs quite the shimmer. Definitely a product to use a light hand with. I'm sure a review will follow with more usage.

Another theBalm favorite I've heard oddles about is FratBoy ($21) which snuck its way into my basket upon checkout (cheeky little guy!). This is one amazing blush. It gives my skin that "just stepped inside from the cold" look without having to go out into the blizzard that is happening outside my window. It's a lovely coral and I know I'll be getting a lot of use out of it.

Have you tried any of these or other theBalm products before??

xoxo Kayla 


  1. the NudeTude palette is one of my all-time favorites! i use it for my makeup daily!

    1. It's already way better than I could have ever expected. I think I may like it a bit more than my Naked palette!


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