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How to Blog Daily

I pride myself in updating nearly every single day of the week (sometimes the weekend escapes me). It's been quite the journey getting to where I'm able to keep up with my full-time job, social life, and blog, but I think I've finally mastered the perfect balance. Here are some of my tips on how to get new content on your blog daily.

Stay organized:
I recently wrote a post all about how to stay organized with blogging so I won't go into too much more detail here. It's seriously the most important factor in trying to blog daily. You have to be an expert at planning ahead. I take all the photos for my blog posts for at least the next week on the weekends and then find time throughout the week to write up the posts and schedule them. Same with videos. I will film a handful of videos on the weekend and then schedule when they go live on YouTube. My full-time job leaves no room for much work during the work week, so scheduling has become my savoir.

Read fellow blogs:
Writers block can happen to anyone, definitely if you're trying to put up new content every single day. Reading fellow bloggers' blogs can really help inspire you and give you ideas for your own blog. No way am I suggesting stealing blog posts or anything like that. Use it more as a tool for inspiration and less as a tool for content acquisition. Reading other blogs can also help inspire your photography as well

Stay up on new releases:
Staying up to date on when new products are being released can help give you ideas of posts. You could review the newest lipstick from Covergirl, etc. Just make sure you're being timely with these sorts of posts...there are enough Naked 3 Palette reviews out there already. And don't go buying new products just to have a jump on the reviews...that's much too expensive for anyone.

Branch out: 
If you're struggling with posting beauty posts every single day, try going beyond makeup to include some lifestyle posts, how to posts, etc. This makes your blog more attractive to a variety of readers while making things easier for you. Plus it's always fun to share recipes and exciting outings!

Try YouTube: 
Making videos can help add content to your blog as well as making your posts more engaging. If you're looking for a way to spice up your blog, getting a YouTube channel is a good way to do it. You just have to be confident in yourself, set up a camera, and get filming!

What tips do you have for posting daily?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Thanks for this post! I would love to be able to post daily but I do struggle with bloggers block sometimes. I agree it's always helpful to read other blogs, I couldn't do youtube though x
    Sweet Dreams

  2. I would love to blog everyday, but I'm working full time and then studying for an exam - hopefully I'll be able to soon! <3

    1. It definitely is a challenge with a full time job. I really have to schedule to be able to do it! Thanks for reading!

  3. I can't do blogging every day. I think too hard about what to write, how to write it. I plan ahead and that takes up time too, just to make sure everything is the way I want it to be. I have to make sure that I approve of what I post, and if that means just two posts a week, knowing that I enjoy them, it's better than pumping out a post every single day. Blogging every day works for a lot of people, which is really awesome, but I can't do it for me. And YouTube videos take so much more time than blog posts for me, since I CC them.


    1. I can completely understand. I wasn't really about to do a post almost every day until I really started to focus on what I was doing and devote a lot of time to it. Thanks for reading!!

  4. I too blog if not everyday, nearly every day. I'm always schedule. Truly, a post never is published 'live' on my blog...unless it's during one of the fashion weeks. I try to be two posts ahead, but sometimes that's difficult. I too have a full time job, and lately it's been extremely hectic, leaving me drained at the end of the day.

    Weekends are my best friend. We've also been blessed with many days off this month from weather/holidays. A surprise day off work is a full day of work for me on my blog. Funny how our 'off' time is only working on something else. We must really love it ;)


    1. We must! It definitely takes a lot of dedication.

  5. I think the only way I'd be able to blog daily was if I was single and didn't have my dog lol. The most I manage is four posts a week xx

  6. I've just gone to a Mon-Fri blog schedule, its going good so far... but I feel like at some point, I'm going to run out of things to say!

    Wonderful post!


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