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How to Save Money When You're a Blogger/Beauty Addict

Before I started blogging I barely paid any attention to trends, hype, or new releases. In just a few months I became obsessed with all things beauty and makeup. If you're like me, saving money when you're a blogger and beauty addict is no easy feat. I've come up with a few ways over the months to help save dollars.

1. Keep a wishlist
I went through a phase where if I saw a product I wanted, I'd more often than not just get it. Great for my makeup collection, terrible for my wallet. Now I keep a pretty lengthy wishlist of products I'd love to try which helps me choose products more thoughtfully rather than just spending like a mad person. It also helps remind me which products I'm interested when a good sale comes around so I stay focused on things I know I want instead of veering off to things I haven't done research on or looked into. Lists are where it's at.

2. Try a spending ban
At the end of last year I participated in a self-prescribed 60 Day No Beauty Buy. Although I wasn't completely perfect in those 60 days, I became even more aware of my spending habits and made sure everything I purchased I did with thought and reason. It's important not to beat yourself up if you have a moment of weakness over a limited edition palette. You're human. To me, a spending ban should shed light and make you much more aware of what you've been purchasing, rather than put a padlock on your spending cash.

3. Live vicariously through others
I'm by no means a famous beauty blogger. I don't have companies sending me things or inviting me to launch parties. I don't get paid anything to blog except for a few pennies from Google ads. It's irrational to think I could keep up with famous full-time bloggers. So rather than even attempting to purchase the fancy items they receive or purchase themselves, live vicariously through them and enjoy reading their posts.

What tips do you have for bloggers and beauty addicts to save money?

xoxo Kayla


  1. It's so so so so so hard! I always want to buy new dresses, ha I'm always like 'that would look great on the blog!' etc etc.

    Wishlists are a good way of giving yourself a bit of time to think about things before buying, also you can still put a wishlist on your blog! The spending bans are always a great idea. I should do one myself really!

    Corinne x

    1. It's definitely difficult! I blame awesome bloggers with convincing reviews!

  2. I just make fun of all the new products and insult them in my head until I'm eventually able to convince myself that I don't want them, haha.

    RIKKI //

  3. These are great! I spend so much money on make up! I try to look for deals at drugstores like buy one get one free and stuff like that! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. I've gotten away from drugstore makeup and it's terrible! It's bad enough to be a makeup addict, let alone not buying the inexpensive stuff! Definitely going to return back to drugstore finds...any suggestions?

  4. Amazing tips, especially the last one! x


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