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Mini Reviews #1

I, like most beauty bloggers I'm sure, have a ton of samples. I have a box for all of them in my beauty drawers and every time I get new samples I toss them in with the others. This box has everything from skincare to perfume to makeup and back again. For a 2014 beauty resolution I want to start using up these samples more, so I thought I'd share with you my mini reviews of them whenever I finish up a few.

I had wanted to try this eye cream for a while so I was excited when I was able to get a sample of it before spending $34 on it and not liking it. The cream was thicker than eye creams I've used which I actually really liked. The thickness felt like it was doing something. It didn't really have a smell which I greatly enjoyed. There wasn't enough uses in the sample to see any noticeable different in my very prevalent dark circles, but I'd definitely consider purchasing the full size of this.

I really enjoyed this mascara. It's subtle and natural on the lashes but adds more length than volume regardless of it being marketed as a volumizing mascara. It does an amazing job at separating the lashes and making sure each one gets a healthy coat of mascara. I could see myself using this mascara everyday to enhance my lashes rather than trying to add loads of volume. If an opportunity arises I'll repurchase a full size of this mascara.

If you read a recent Living Proof post of mine you will have seen that I've already sort of repurchased this product in a larger sample size in the set I purchased during Black Friday sales. The cream makes my hair smell really good and makes my hair feel soft and fluffy. I'm not entirely sure how good it is at keeping my style because I tend to wear my hair naturally, which is stick straight. I do think it makes a difference in reducing the oils in my hair throughout the day. My only real complaint is that it makes blow drying my hair take noticeably longer. 

I did not like this. At all. It was just terrible for my hair. When I first put it in it smelled like oranges and was really enjoyable. After I blow dried my hair it felt thicker and richer. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until a couple of hours passed. Then the grease hit. My hair was limp, greasy, and just disgusting. I ended up having to take another shower because I just couldn't stand my hair being so gross. Definitely not something I want near my hair again.

Would you give any of these products a try?

xoxo Kayla


  1. lovely posts and a lovely blog :)

    I need to start doing this with all my little samples too! Then tend to get thrown in a drawer and forgotten about, and I've been wanting to get round to trying them all. Also, lovely post about your Christmas trip, with lovely pics too :)


    1. Mini reviews are definitely a way to make you feel like you're putting your samples to good use! Thanks for reading!!

      xoxo Kayla


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