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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color

If you take one glance at my nail polish collection it's obvious immediately my affection towards China Glaze and Essie. It's nice to mix things up every once in a while though and I always like to challenge my favorite brands with other ones. I had the opportunity to try three polishes from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color ($6.49 each)* line, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by them.

The Sally Hansen website boasts that these polishes give your nails, "a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon-inspired color, top coat, chip-resistance and a gel finish all in 1 bottle." That's a bold statement. Too bold in my opinion based from my schooling in advertising, but to each their own. I wouldn't go as far as to say that this polish is the end-all-be-all polish. Those are some big shoes to fill. However it's pretty damn good.

These polishes tick all the boxes for me. They're pigmented, have a large brush that makes applying the polish a breeze, and have quite the range of colors in the line. They aren't completely chip-resistant though as I did see some minor chipping at the end of the first full day. Touching up was easy though and considering I didn't use a top-coat to see the polish in action, I think it did pretty well. My favorite of the three is "Pat on the Black" as it's the most pigmented and could really only be worn with just one coat. Out of habit I applied the second coat after barely any wait time. These polishes are quick to dry. "Red My Lips" has me intrigued because its my first red nail polish. I know, I know. I can't believe it either. The light blue polish was the hardest to work with as it appeared to have a thinner consistency than the other two, but it was still good regardless.

Overall I'm impressed. I would have never tried this line of polishes on my own and I definitely think I would have been missing out. I may have to sneak out and purchase a few more. Top on my list is "Black and Blue". That baby is a beaut!

Which polish is your favorite? Will you put the line's claim to the test?

xoxo Kayla

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


  1. I got these three too! I haven't tried them yet though.


  2. I really need to pick up more of these. So far I only have the top and base coat, but I really love the formula and how smoothly they apply! All these colors are gorgeous!


    1. I do see myself getting a few more of these at some point. They have a lot of awesome colors!

  3. Jaded is a beautiful colour! I've used a few Sally Hansen products (and I often see them in Poundland!) and I really like the texture of them - normally 2 coats is enough for a perfect colour. Thankyou for sending me your link on Twitter! Lizi (GlassesGirl3) xx

  4. Ive just bought my first Sally Henson and I love using it. Great nail polishes, will deffo buy some more. Jaded is so pretty, might be my next colour.

  5. I saw these today in Boots (in the UK) and was taken back as I had literally no knowledge of them prior to seeing them! I was tempted but now I've read your review I might take the plunge and buy a colour to test!

    Also thanks for linking me your blog over Twitter! If you're feeling lovely please check my blog out at

    1. They're surprisingly amazing. I want to get a nude color one...can't remember the name right should check them out!


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