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The Lotion Experiment

Let me just start this post off by saying this was the weirdest thing I've done for beauty thus far, but also incredibly interesting. One of my friends Sam recently asked whether or not I knew of a good hand lotion for work. She said she hated most of her lotions because they left her hands greasy and she didn't want to touch her keyboard. She touched on a problem I was subconsciously aware of, but never really paid too much attention to. So I sought out to figure out which lotion was the best for work. For a few weeks I brought lotion after lotion to work and applied them to my hands. I'd wait and see how long they took to soak in, whether or not my hands felt moisturized for a significant amount of time, and general impressions. You can imagine how weird it was to have a drawer full of lotions for a few weeks. I was dedicated to the cause and am here to share my findings!

I'm a bit biased towards this lotion already, and it proved to be the fastest at sinking into the skin and making it easy to get back to work in no time. In less than 30 seconds I felt confident enough to return to my keyboard without worrying about greasy keys. However this lotion isn't known to be overly moisturizing for extended periods of time, so if you hands are super dry, I'd settle on a slower sinking in lotion for one that's more moisturizing in the long run.

Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream ($12.50)
As soon as I put this lotion on my hands I was worried I had made a huge mistake that would threaten productivity for the next hour. It felt super greasy as I rubbed my hands together, greasier than all the other lotions combined. However after a few minutes it soaked into my skin fairly nicely and I could go back to typing without much difficultly. The greasy feeling wasn't completely gone, but it was better than the Hand and Nail and Hemp Hand Protector lotions at sinking into the skin.

This lotion surprised me. It settled in quickly and nicely and left my hands feeling adequately moisturized. They weren't greasy or bothersome to work with and the scent was the most subtle.

This hand cream fell somewhere between the Nourish Organic lotion and the Body Shop Hand and Nail. It's incredibly moisturizing, but doesn't soak in all that fast. It's faster than the hand and nail cream, but I felt it remained on the hands more noticeably than any of the other lotions. Although I could tell it had sunk into my skin, it was still very apparent on my hands. It's definitely not something I'd reach for over others to get the job done at work.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter ($20)
For a Body Butter this lotion does amazingly well at sinking into the skin faster than expected. It's also incredibly hydrating. It's still not the fastest at sinking into the skin though so if you have to get back to work quickly this may not be your first choice. I'm still surprised at how well it did considering the other thicker butter's (see below) results.

This stuff although the most nourishing of the bunch took the longest to soak in. After five minutes I still felt like my hands were much to greasy to even attempt to pick up a pen and write. I'm sure it would have slipped right out of my hand! My hands have never felt more moisturized though.

Overall if you're looking for a fast drying lotion, go with the Nourish Organics one, but if you're looking for something more moisturizing but still quick, St. Ives is your best bet.

Which lotion do you use at work?

xoxo Kayla

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