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8tTracks Loves #1

I have a job that has a lot of independent work time involved with it so I spend most of my days listening to music. I used to listen to Pandora, but I was fed up with the annoying ads and wanted a more unique mix of music. Enter All the mixes are made by average people and you're able to search for mixes based on different key words. There are no commercials and you can "like" a mix and save it to your liked folder. Once a mix is over another one from your liked list starts right after. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite mixes that have been getting me through my work days.

This has been my favorite mix these days. It's mellow and contains songs I'm familiar with, but also a lot of songs I hadn't heard before. It has 85 songs so it goes for over 5 hours. The perfect mix for an 8 hour day at work! It keeps my spirits up and my creativity flowing.

Before I discovered the Endless Indie! mix I couldn't stop listening to Bubblegum and Heartbreak on repeat. It's a little under an hour long so I circled through this mix frequently. It's a bit more upbeat but still within the "indie" genre featuring The Neighborhood, Vampire Weekend, Foster the People, etc. 

Another indie mix that slows things down and isn't a very long listen (just 8 tracks). It's good for those melancholy days where you're just feeling thoughtful about life and things. Maybe not the best work playlist though if you're trying to be productive and get a lot of work done!

This is the mix that really got me hooked on 8tracks. It takes a lot of popular songs and blends them together to create some amazingly addicting mash ups. It's more hip hop oriented than my usual mix choices and is just a really cool listen.

Do you use 8tracks? What music streaming sites do you use? 

xoxo Kayla


  1. i use 8tracks and i love it! i agree that it is so much better than similar things xx

  2. I love love love the song sweater weather so I will have to check that one out! Another good app I have found is called Songza. :)


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