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The Unloved #1

To follow up my holy grails post yesterday I thought it would be interesting to see what products haven't been receiving as much love as they used to. Here's hoping that dedicating a post to them will help to give them a little more love in the future!

Back near the end of last year I was completely obsessed with getting my first Benefit boxed blush. I wanted one, no, needed one. I ultimately chose Benefit's Blush in "CORALista" ($28). I used it for quite a while and loved the somewhat sheer, shimmery glow it gave to my cheeks. But when theBalm's Frat Boy came into my life, no other blush was safe. I think when it (finally) starts warming up I'll return to this lighter blush option. I'm sure it'll return to my favorites once color returns to my skin and the sun starts to shine more!

Apparently theBalm is taking over in other categories besides blush because before my NUDE'tude palette, I was an avid LORAC PRO Palette ($42) user. I struggled with a lot of fall out issues with the palette though and as soon as another came along without the same issues, this quickly started to gather dust in my makeup drawer. The shades are beautiful, but I need eye shadows that stay on my lids and not on my cheeks.

Finally I thought I had found a strong contender for my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer when I purchased the Covergirl Fresh Complexion Concealer ($4.94). It did replace my NARS concealer for a time, but it just didn't provide as much coverage as I wanted and I soon returned to NARS. It's not a bad concealer at the least, just not what I tend to grab for.

Do you have any products that are going unloved? How do you make sure all your products get attention?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Really interesting post.
    Those beaky theBalm products always stealing the limelight!

    nailsandteapots xx

  2. This is such a great idea for a post, really love it. And all your talk of theBalm's Frat Boy seriously makes me want to try it... uh oh.
    xo T

  3. I really want to try out coralista!
    Lovely blog!

  4. I want to Lorac Pro Palette so much! Unfortunately its not available in the UK :( xx



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