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Alternative Jewelry Shopping

Don't get me wrong, I love popping into Forever21 and leaving with five new, affordable pieces of jewelry. Yet lately I've found myself much more interested in find alternatives to my usual jewelry stores. Here are a few of my new favorite places to browse and purchase jewelry.

This lovely store is ran by Sophie from The Private Life of a Girl. Sophie's style is impeccable, her photos perfect, and her store reflects that. Full of handcrafted, minimalist inspired jewelry, Oh My Clumsy Heart is such a unique shop that I find myself browsing at least two to three times a week. She ships internationally which I didn't know for a long time. I would just stare at the site bummed I couldn't order anything. It wasn't until she clarified my mistake in a tweet back to me that I realized owning one (or a dozen) of these beauties could actually happen! Some of my favorite pieces include Verity, Willow, and the Silver & Gold Triangle Necklace. Definitely worth checking out her site and showing a fellow blogger support!

Rings and Tings

 I am very impressed with how affordable everything is on this site. There is even a monthly subscription box that seems incredibly interesting to a jewelry addict like myself. The pieces seem really unique and branches away from the typical "safe yet on trend" jewelry you can find at places like Forever21, but there are also pieces I'm sure are sold at Forever21 too. There are also tons of choices to choose from. I've had my eye on a lot of different pieces, but a few of my favorites include the Arrow Bangle, the Wave Ring Set, and the Apple Necklace (it's quirky).

This site came on my radar through my sorority. Ashley Bridget's Expression Collection contains a bracelet set with a lot of symbols from my sorority, so it peaked a lot of our interests and popped on my jewelry radar. My biggest complaint about this site are the prices, but their Facebook page always has a lot of discounts (usually 50% to 60% off) that make things more reasonable. The Nautical Collection is my favorite of the bunch and I like the fact that they're designed in New York city. 

Where do you usually by your jewelry?

xoxo Kayla


  1. They look like great sites - will have to check them out :) I love River Island and Primark for jewellery.. Not a fan of New Look's jewellery as it always seems to break on me ;/

  2. This is an awesome post! I'm definitely going to look into the first two. AB... I've had some bad experiences with. I got two of the Harry Potter themed bracelets and I'm seriously disappointed with the quality. I need some new jewellery in my life for sure!
    xo T


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