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Essie Resort 2014 Collection

My ability to avoid Essie's collections has seriously failed for spring. I blame it on the fact that I want spring here more than anything and have been trying hard to act like it's spring even though the weather definitely doesn't agree. Mere days after picking up two polishes from their spring collection I was on amazon buying these two polishes from the "Resort Fling" collection. "Under the Twilight" ($8.50) is an inky black purple shade that dries fairly matte on the nail. There's still the typical polish shine, but there's just something about it that makes it appear a lot more flat than other Essie polishes. It's a bolder choice than I normally would go but I loved how it looks black but when the light catches it it's a lovely deep plum.

The main reason I took out my debit card and starting making a purchase was "Cocktails and Coconuts" ($8.50). It's a sandy, taupe color with subtle glitter and I'm obsessed. I've been hunting for a good nude polish and this seems like a perfect middle of the road shade. It's not too grey and it's not too yellow. Both polishes require the usual two coats for perfect opaqueness. Oh Essie you've got me again.

What polish colors have you been gravitating towards lately?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Ohhh, I love the look of cocktails and coconuts xx

  2. I've seen these in other people's posts and they looked so boring. Now I can't decided whether I want them or not because you make them sound pretty lush to be fair:)) xx

    Tereza // Cityscape Bliss: March favourites

    1. Cocktails and Coconuts is definitely a very unique shade that I'm super happy to have. I haven't seen anything else like it! The other one is nice but not anything overly special.


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